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    Artist of the Month- May 2015

    This month's artist was chosen and written by aarinfantasy.

    Artist of the Month - May 2015

    Artist: kiDChan (aka CyanParade)

    Gallery Links:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyanparade
    Tumblr: cyanparade
    Pixiv: ?kiDChan???????? [pixiv]

    Support Page:
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cyanparade

    Featured Artworks:
    Link: Sousuke from Free!

    Fanart of Steve and Bucky from Captain America:

    An original artwork for an oriental illustration:

    kiDChan is an artist with her own distinct flair. When you see her artwork, you will know it's her signature style - whimsical characters with touches of beautiful patterns and elegant lines with unique color usage.

    While her current artwork pieces are not much BL related, but she still likes yaoi and is still drawing BL works. Although her BL works are subtle but they are absolutely gorgeous.

    Some individual pieces tell a deep message within it although it may look simple. Her fanart characters may not look exactly like the actual character, but people appreciate that she draws it in her own style and interpretation of the character, I think that's the beauty of her works.

    It is also an honor to meet her personally in local conventions here in Malaysia, she's a sweet person and yet has a playful personality to her. She attends quite a number of ACG events in Malaysia, so do drop by to say hi and check out her works at her booth if you have the chance.
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    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi ^_^

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