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    Artist of the Month suggestions

    I have created an account where all members of the forum can send their suggestions for Artists of the Month. This does not guarantee they will get chosen right away since we can only have 1 per month, but it does help to showcase artists that the staff may not know about yet. Only the forum staff can access the new account to view the suggestions.

    -Please only send them by pm's.
    -Please fill out the form below when submitting.
    -Make sure to include if there is artwork that is rated 18+ from that artist.
    -For now, please try to choose an artist that has at least one BL/yaoi related piece of artwork.

    Artist name:
    Link to their gallery/page with their artwork:
    Chosen artwork to be featured: (please give the link)
    Any info/comments you would like to include about the artist and/or their work:

    Please sent your suggestions to this account AF Event Contests

    For further information on this monthly event, please refer to this thread link and to this area for current featured artists link

    Anyone who submits, will get 1,000,000 points per suggestion. This will be given when the artist is posted for the month so I can keep track of the points.
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    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi ^_^

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