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    Artist of the Month- April 2015

    This is the first month for the new Artist of the Month. For this month, only 1 artist will be chosen (because of the time), but next month 2 will likely be chosen for May.

    Artist of the Month- April 2015

    Artist: Joberu (aka. JoBerU-Uta)

    Gallery Links:
    Deviantart: Joberu (Jovelle Magaru Rodeo) - DeviantArt
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoBeruUta?fref=photo

    Featured Artwork:

    Link: AOKISE by Joberu on DeviantArt

    There were so many lovely drawings to choose from, but I chose this one because it stood out to me. You can tell that it was done for the group, BlackMonkey-Pro (not just because of the little BMP in the pic or the little monkey) but also because of the style and way it was colored. Aside from the fact that they aren't shirtless or bulging out of their pants in usual BMP style lol, this is still a wonderful piece. The characters are spot on in every way. The colors are beautiful and the bodies are well drawn. The lineart is nice and subtle too, not over powering. This is similar to how well the other fanart has been presented too. Very nice details, coloring and showing of the character's usual demeanor. This artist has various BL artworks showcased and isn't afraid to add a little teasing into the pics.
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    Awesome Bakugou set by Otaru Sushi ^_^

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    Thanks for introducing such gorgeous artwork to our community, @Twinstar;. This "new thing" you're trying's a very good idea! ^.~

    My favorite piece by Joberu's her sexy Satsuki drawing. <333

    It's very nice that she draws characters you don't see quite often, like Ruki from Diabolik Lovers, just to mention one.

    Pretty cool! ^^b

    Awesome Coloration by UkeChan ♥ ♥ Gorgeous Set by celtic7irish



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