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    Summery: An alternative history gay story about a world mostly like the modern USA besides the fact that magic is real, vampires, Were beings, and Fey exist as well and all these factions live side by side in uneasy peace. There are three interlocking stories in one we follow Vanni, a young punk vampire struggling with depression while trying to escape his past. His friends are few and mostly unreliable. As he tries to break the chains binding him, he slowly but surely begins to find some hope.
    Mostly in the form of Gideon Mallory, the sweetest person he has ever met.

    In the second story we are with Raven, a 23 year old human boy who has been kidnapped and forced into being the slave of two evil vampires, his only friends are monsters who he struggles to keep safe and take care of.

    And in the last story line, Tristan a self hating physic vampire fights a looming evil with a strange team of people on his side.

    We try to update once a week on Thursdays!

    I hope some of you wonderful people come and join us soon! Hugs AND kisses, also check out my band!

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    http://orangetaxidermylimited.smackj...olog-page-one/ This is my webcomic. It has vampires, it has Were things, it has humans. It has Fey, Merthings and Mages. It is about struggle. It is about all kinds of love. It has punks and chinchillas in it. Simply put I think it is worth your time.

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    Sounds really interesting! Maybe i'm just stupid but when I open the link "http://orangetaxidermylimited.smackj...olog-page-one/ " ,
    I simply find :
    The author of this Web Comic has not uploaded any comics yet.

    Really wanna read it though!

    I also checked out 'Wildflower' on fb, maybe if I found some vids or something, I'd know what the music sounds like, but the pictures sure are beautiful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow307 View Post
    Sounds really interesting! Maybe i'm just stupid but when I open the link "http://orangetaxidermylimited.smackj...olog-page-one/ " ,
    I simply find
    "The author of this Web Comic has not uploaded any comics yet."

    Really wanna read it though!
    Me, too... says no comics uploaded yet... will check back 'cuz it sounds like fun!

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    you know it was once there when she made this announcement half a year ago and I read it then! though sadly there was a long break inbetween, RL happens, and now it's taken down for some reason.
    @GeoffsGem; maybe you could update us about it?
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