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Thread: Blog Hop

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    Blog Hop

    AarinFantasy forum is participating in a blog hop combining yaoi and gay romance. Since AarinFantasy is not a blog, we’re hopping as a forum thread. You can check out the other sites at Hayley B. James’s blog. Like many others, she got her writing start right here on AarinFantasy! Many bloggers participating in the hop are offering prizes, and there’ll be a grand prize for one commenter during the hop which will include digital copies of gay romance and yaoi. Read the rules on the main page: Bee-Hive: Blog Hop Sign Up!! ~Manga and Romance~
    For further questions, please PM her. Her username in this forum is hayley_beth24

    Basically, this thread will serve as an intro for new visitors from the hop and your post here will help them to know more about either the forum or yaoi. So here's what you can do...
    Dear members of AarinFantasy forums: Please post in this thread and share your love for the forum or yaoi with the visitors from the hop.


    As for those who just hopped into AarinFantasy forums:
    Welcome to AarinFantasy forum!
    Aarinfantasy forum is a vast and diverse community of yaoi fans. Users share their artistic talent in the Exhibition Hall. The Fiction tab takes you to original and fan fictions written by the forum's members. Yaoi/BL titles fansubbed by the AarinFantasy team and scanlations are available for download by going to the Download Central section and streaming via the Videos tab at the top of the forum. There are interesting discussions and sharing of knowledge about various yaoi titles and also just about any chat in general that interest fans in the forum. It will be great to have you be part of the forum, so if you want to join, just register yourself, it's free!


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    Hello, all visitors! Welcome to Aarinfantasy!
    I think that what I most like about this forum is the friends I made here. I know some of them for years by now (I joined in 2008) and we share very nice moments together and lots of fun.
    There are some features in this forum that are quite unique like the cards, that are mostly personalized. I enjoy to collect cards and signatures and several of my friends also enjoy these things.
    So mostly, Aarin is not only a place to talk about yaoi, it's a place to hang out (check out the contest and the auction area!), meet people and have good time.
    Enjoy your stay and have fun!

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    Hi there!

    I originally joined this forum for the fanfiction and original fiction such a plethora of stories, but I was just a lurker, it wasn't until over a year after I had joined that I finally made an introduction post and decided to explore the forum.

    Making that introduction was the best thing ever. Through my post I was greeted by many kind and wonderful people. Some were new kind of like me, and others had been there for a while. All were very nice and very willing to talk about all types of topics and they introduced me to many fun aspects of the forum, such as the artist section which has so many talented traditional and digital artists, contest section, where I tried my hardest to play games and have fun (I lost quite a bit though!) and the cards, which were introduced a little bit after I started being active. The cards were so much fun for me as me and my dear friends worked very hard to earn points to buy cards to gift to each other.

    Points were another big thing for me, as when I joined it was very hard to get points, and you started with zero. But a very kind person gave me 500 points so I could order a set from a shop and I was blown away by her generosity, and its because of people like her that I find this forum to be my second home.

    So I hope you will enjoy yourself here as well!

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    If you've ever been traveling and found one of those amazing little towns that simply draws you in and welcomes you back time and time again, that is Aarinfantasy. Welcome!

    So here you are looking about at the scenery. Perhaps it's somewhat daunting at first, but you explore anyhow because you're far too curious and recognize something good when you see it. Take your time. AF is an eclectic town where there is something for everyone. Over the years the generous community here has been adding, and continues to add, to an amazing yaoi collection of manga, doujinshi, artwork (both fan-created and professional), videos, fiction, games, music and so much more. Although yaoi is the main focal point, this site doesn't limit itself to just that. It's also a melting pot of manga, anime, general movies, hobbies, life, the universe and everything.

    Back to your wanderings: Just as you turn the corner of Doujinshi on the way to Contests & Trivia, someone smiles at you, waves and asks you how your day has been and what kinds of things you are interested in. You tell them and they let you know your favorite BL author just came out with something new, or perhaps you're the one sharing the information about this or that. Soon you meet others that share your interests--folks who make you laugh, offer a shoulder to cry on, and help you remember it's not just all about boy love or hot bishies, but friendship as well. Those connections and the living, breathing community, are what makes this place a home away from home, truly. Young or old, novice or knowledgable, reed or oak, you are welcome here.

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    Hi to all visiters and welcome to Aarinfantasy~

    I joined this forum because friends told me about it~ Falling in love with this forum right on the second day~
    No really, I really am love this site, because AF is my second home~ I love all my friends and my AF's FAMILY~

    AF has all kind of wonderful people to chat, and sharing your thoughts regarding YAOI~

    We all are playing, fighting, laughing, loving one another, and have fun~

    You all are welcome and enjoy your stay while you are here~
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    I joined this community in 2010, but disappeared the before the ‘signature’ on my membership had dried—figuratively, of course. I returned January 2012 when Aarinfantasy posted the remake of my all time favorite yaoi novel/anime, Ai no Kusabi. I never left after that, and I’ve made so many friends here who enjoy the same things I do. I’ve met unbelievably talented individuals who share their gifts, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have discovered this treasure trove of people from all over the world.

    I stumbled upon yaoi by accident three? Maybe four years ago. The impact it had made upon me has been world changing. I began writing fanfiction, and after a year wrote an original that I luckily got published. I love to read romance novels. Imagined myself writing a book, but if not for yaoi that daydream would have stayed exactly that; a dream. (*^^*)
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    Welcome to the forum, O Wanderer I KNOW you're going to enjoy your stay. The AF Community is the kindest, friendliest, funniest, silliest, most wonderful community on the web. There are no bullies here, no trolls, no jerks ... only yaoi/BL lovers. Whether you like the kinkiest, smuttiest yaoi out there or you gravitate towards the sweet and the innocent (*raises hand*), you are welcome here. No matter your nationality, age, religion or gender... you are welcome and loved. We are all sisters and brothers in yaoi

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    Hi ^^

    There's nothing much to say about this forum apart from "This is the best place to hang out on the web". If you're a newbie to the yaoi fandom and want to know from the start what is yaoi about, how you get easily yaoi, how you can use yaoi??? Well, this is the correct place to start with. On the other hand, if you're an avid yaoi reader, a M/M romance fiction reader or a M/M illustrator or if you have your own comic running in your website this is truly the best place to promote your work. We have an exhibition art thread and a huge fanfiction database and thousands of members that use to lurk around ;D There's also a marketplace section with sellers and resellers of yaoi goodies and other sort of M/M suplies.

    Finally the most important part about this place is the great and generous community that day by day helps to make from our hobbie a reason to stay together.

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    Dear visitors,

    I love the aarinfantasy forum because you always find someone to talk about every Yaoi and non-Yaoi related theme
    it's so awesome to have people with so many different interests who nevertheless share all the one love for Yaoi
    whatever time it is on earth, there are always hundrets of members online, so nobody has ever to be lonely here

    I really enjoy being an aaringirl

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    Hey yo @ll

    I started reading YAOI in 2000 when they started to publish Zetsuai in Germany and I so fell in love with this genre that I could not stop ever again ... (*_*) ...
    when I came accross aarinfantasy in 2005 for the first time I registered right away and was overwhelmed by the variety of YAOI existing worldwide ... (^_^) ...
    I met a lot of great people here ... got several recommendations to watch anime or read manga which I would have never watched/read by myself and was until today never disappointed to follow them ... (^_~) ...
    and last but not least: whenever I have some to kill some time there are always contests and games to play here which are all su much fun ... we have a very creative community here in every way!!! ... (^_^) ...

    I hope you all enjoy your stay here and maybe never leave again!!!

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