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    Hey, visitors! You'll love Aarinfantasy! And for those new to yaoi/bl, you're about to join a whole new, wonderfully delicious world! I'd read m/m books, but yaoi/bl was a whole new experience. Now, I couldn't get enough! So come and join in the fun...

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    I write m/m romance under the pen name Erica Pike. I love yaoi and it was something I read before I discovered m/m romance (in fact, I've been a member here for over a year - albeit, not very active after I started writing). Like many, I thought that m/m romance was written by men for men, but was surprised to discover that it's mostly written by women for women (they say 90%, but I don't have any solid statistics). There's demand from the readers to keep things realistic in m/m romances, so you won't often see a very dependent/innocent uke, though they do exist, usually in college stories.

    Yaoi has influenced my writing when it comes to humor and often the characters themselves. I seem to have a thing for slim guys with a pretty face. Apparently it's big muscle men who are "gay stereotypes" in books, but I don't write them often because I'm not very attracted to heavily muscled men in real life. I tend to check out the slender ones (and can never understand why they want to buff up!). I also like to write about college boys and first loves.

    Anyway, my favorite yaoi is Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Koisuru Boukun, Gokujou no Koibito, anything by Suzuki Tsuta, Minase Masara, and well, there are just too many to mention here.

    My favorite m/m romances are the Conquest series by S.J. Frost (rockers!); anything by Zathyn Priest though "One of Those Days" and "Left of Centre" are a good start; Rules are Meant to be Broken; by NJ Nielsen; and A Bar Tender Tale by Melanie Tushmore, and so, so many more.

    If you're a yaoi reader and haven't read an m/m romance before, but would like to try one, I'd be happy to provide you with a read, or point out ones that would better fit what you like (m/m fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, for example - so far I only write contemporary college love). Just email me at eripike at gmail dot com. I have some that I believe would be a good first read for a yaoi reader. It'll be my way of introducing you to m/m romance

    I'm also taking part in this hop, so if you want to enter my own contest, please leave a comment on my hop entry, or send me an email at eripike at gmail dot com if you don't want to leave your email on the internet.

    Anyway, thanks for being a part of this hop ^.^

    Erica Pike
    eripike at gmail dot com
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    Greetings to All New Visitors to Aarinfantasy! From the posts above you will probably know that this wonderful forum offers goodies and more that all yaoi and gay romance enthusiasts are sure to love.

    BUT, since I joined July 2011, the one thing that struck me the most about this forum are the most wonderful members who have made visiting Aarinfantasy a delight for me. Unlike other forums wherein you get subjected to rude and offensive remarks from trolls, this forum has only the friendliest people you can find and they are only too happy to assist you with any concerns that you may have.

    I do hope you'll come and join us here!

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    Whenever I have a friend, acquaintance, stranger, ...really anyone, ask me "How many people do you think actually like yaoi?" I remember aarinfantasy, and just laugh. This is one of the biggest communities of yaoi and b/l fans that I have ever encountered, and the acceptance that I have found here still astounds me. Aarin is my 'go to' place for not only random amazing stories, but community. Support. Friendship. <3

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    Welcome to the Aarinfantasy Experience...

    Here's my two-cents on Aarinfantasy.com. Beyond being ridiculously fun, it's very educational as far as yaoi/BL is concerned. When I found this site, I was a complete newbie to yaoi. Initially, I was here just for Ai no Kusabi info and the videos section. I was extremely reluctant and too shy to participate but as time progressed, I got bolder and began lurking in the forum. It introduced me to so much more than I expected. Exposure to various yaoi titles and artists that didn't even know existed. I never would have discovered how much more I could love yaoi if not for the forum. I'll always be a newbie due to the fact that there is so much more yaoi-fabulousness for me to discover.

    What I enjoy the most? Well, that's a tough one. Right now, I'm obsessively reading doujinshi in the "manga download" section. In addition to that, it's a blast to have things personalized like my profile, signature sets, collect points (AF currency) and iShop cards. Great little cyber trinkets!

    What surprised me the most: how kind and generous people can be in this place!!! It's not what I was used to considering bad experiences I've encountered in other web-based communities. It can be extremely off-putting. But not here.

    To summarize AF.com is difficult. Everyone experiences it a little differently, of course. But we all keep coming back day after day. So that, in and of itself, says a lot.

    Thank you, Aarinfantasy.com! Love ya, mean it!

    ...yeah, I just totally wrote an essay, hehehehe.

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    Ahh... how did I miss this?

    Let me count the ways I love AF

    1) The reason I joined was because I knew it had an amazing download section - this includes all forms of anime and manga, not just limited to BL. Also a crazy amount of doujinshi's and one shots.
    2) But then I discovered the beauty of cards and points and contests and sets and all the amazing people on this forum!
    3) Once I stopped lurking... it became my e-home I had wonderful conversations with people, discussed hot yaoi and delicious BL, shared pictures of bishies, participated and hosted contests... it's just too fun! I really enjoy giving back in the little way that I can... sending random cards and holding contests with bonus prizes and surprises...
    4) The people on AF are awesome! They're always willing to strike up a convo, they're very friendly and helpful to the new people and old people. The graphics makers are top notch, oh damn they're all so good at what they do... oh, and you can ALWAYS count on getting help in the requests thread no matter how crazy your request is. XD
    5) The surprise gifts, whether it is points, cards, or picture-spamming on my wall is always a wonderful surprise to log onto... if only I had more time, I would do it for others too!

    All in all, it is a very fun place to be, and a great resource for knowledge as well.
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    Welcome to AF~

    It's a fun place to be at if you're into yaoi/BL genre. This site is after all synonymous with the said genre; if you're looking for yaoi manga and fansubbed BL anime chances are you'll end up coming across this site or reference to it.

    Apart from yaoi/BL as main attraction, there are other cool features here, too. I was a member here at first because of yaoi but got hooked for the cards in iShop and the graphic shops and ended up as active forum member. It's addictive collecting cards of characters that I like. The graphic shops here enthralled me to start paving my way as sets addict Not forgetting the fun, crazy moments playing games in the Contest and Trivias section.

    Though the major pulling factor would be the warm, funny, exciting forum members here. They're really helpful and kind in showing the ropes around the forum, stoking the fire to fangirlism (wasn't one when I was first here), introduces fun games, shares interest in non-BL series and shed crocodile tears as well as moan over the end of our favourite series.

    It's truly nice being here, since there's a bit of everything and anything whether you're a yaoi/BL enthusiast or not.
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    oh my gosh everyone, thank you! I think the comments pretty much sum up everything there is to know and love about AF forum.
    I hope we gained some more members over the weekend and spread yaoi love in return.
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    well let me tell you why i do love Af .

    1.my very first reason for loving this forum is the ,members ....everyone is really lovely and kind here ....
    2.Af has many members and it makes the chance that you find some one the same as the type you like and prefer
    3. threads .... they are awesome ....
    one of my favorite sections is general anime ...
    members of Af discuss any kind of anime so you can always find a thread about your favorite anime .
    and you know what .... the discussions are awesome ....
    I do enjoy reading them
    and the section I do love is
    : contests and trivias
    all the contests are really fun .....I dont know how I should explain how much I love this section and how much fun I have there .
    you have to experience it yourself and you will understand what i mean
    4. I have another reason for loving all the members of Af....
    they are all really tastful ....
    you can find this out from their sets and profiles ....
    i am terribly addictaed to the sets which members make ....they are really cute.

    I love everything about this forum .
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