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Thread: Blog Hop

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    Hello everyone! Welcome to Aarinfantasy!

    I've been an active member of this great community since 2010, and I know I want to be here for many more years.
    Aarinfantasy is like a big fun family where yaoi fans all around the world gather, share their interests, make new friends, express their opinions freely, discover their artistic abilities and read & watch lots of yaoi, each day and everyday :p
    While many (like myself) come here just to watch the anime that are subbed by Aarinfantasy fansub team or read yaoi manga scanlations, most stay because of the warm and friendly atmosphere.
    The forum's "ishop" (collectible cards of favorite characters) and "points" features encourage members to take place in forum events, contests and many other fun activities that allow the members to find their true potential by writing, creating art, or even being lucky :p
    Staff members are always there for you, whenever you need help or have a question.

    You're welcome to be a part of our big family, you'll see you will love it here d(^_^)b

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    I've been member of this site since nov. 2008. I briefly deleted my account for couple of months during a major forum upgrade, but soon found my way back.

    As far as yaoi is concerned, I don't think anyone can look up content related to this genre without coming across name aarinfantasy. AF has been around for a long time, and irrespective of what the group is doing now in terms of releases, it will remain one of the well known fansubs of yaoi genre. Anime and manga are easy to find these days, what I'd really recommend af for is the doujinshi section. There are a lot of people who put their original scans here, many groups who directly come to post their scanlation, along with a plethora of other BL based content which is not very easily available.

    As far as I'm personally concerned, I'd be honest I've never really been much into yaoi. A couple of manga in a year is max, provided they've solid plot. And the forum helps a lot with that, going through threads and suggestions from posters; you can filter out a lot of stuff you want to check out and also a lot you'd rather miss out on.

    Not into yaoi? No problem. That's where aarinfantasy the forum comes. This place is pretty huge and will keep you occupied through out the day even if you completely forget about the download section. There's plenty of contests, games, an entire section dedicated to graphics with many talented artists, artwork section and the general anime/mange section which is as decent as any other general anime forum. One of the USP of af has always been its combo of banking and ishop system. I've been pretty much into inactive zone for a long time now, but the ishop is one reason I keep logging back in, it's good fun.

    Over the time af has slowly transformed from being just a yaoi site to a place to hangout. People like to keep coming back and spend time here for whatever reasons they've, which I think is a very big milestone to achieve for any site or forum as anyone who has owned or been to forums must have experienced, inactivity is one of the first and prime reasons why most forums, even with good content and structure, fail. All in all, there's something for everyone on aarinfantasy.

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    hello to all blog hoppers

    I love yaoi very much
    especially yaoi doujinshi
    and more especially death note yaoi doujinshi
    but it doesn't matter what you like - on aarinfantasy there is something for everyone and a lot of fellows around 24/7
    and no one will be excluded because of strange taste (:

    I hope you enjoy your stay and please stay a little longer and don't hop away so fast

    thank you for the signature cabbit_girl

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    First of all, welcome to Aarinfantasy! Please join us, we love new people (to eat them? Maybe.... :3)

    I've been a member for a while now and this is one of my favourite forums. First of all, we talk about BOYSLOVE. Who doesn't love it? It's fun to see everyone's different perspectives on the various series and on diverse themes, that may involve sexuality or not.

    But besides BL, this forum has much more to offer. You have sections to talk about everything and it's very easy to make friends. There are more private communities and big chat groups in the forum.

    There are also different sections that are helpful and fun to look at, like the Gallery and Fictions.

    Please join us. As I said, we love everyone!

    Waratte oemashou chiisana inori <3
    I like my boys like I like my whiskey: 12 years old and with coke on it
    Lady loves everyone!

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    well my daugther was always all crazy about yaoi and spent all her pocket money on yaoi manga
    so I read some and got crazy about it myself
    when her pocket money was used up I started to buy the rest myself
    and even tried to snatch some manga away from her to be the first one to read it

    so I registered here myself after a while and now I'm nearly as often online as her

    thank you all for visiting here .. ..

    thank you very much DangerousAngel for the set

    thank you very much Rosette89 for the Lv.1 Ranmaru
    thank you very much gravitation for the Lv.2 Enjouji
    thank you very much ryla and Shigure for the Lv.8 Yamato

    and thank you all so much for all my other cards
    my small wishlist is in my profile

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    OK, this sounds like fun. Forgive me if I come out a bit incoherent - it's been that kind of day. (And yet what site to I make sure to check in with first? Hmm....)

    First of all, welcome to Aarin!

    I joined here - looks over at the post-bit - almost 3 years ago. I'll admit my first goal was to get the download links for manga and anime. What Aarin makes available is great; older titles that have missed their chance to go public, speciality titles that would never have enough fans to make them profitable to sell, all sorts of fun things that would otherwise have been missed by those of us who don't read the language of the stuff we love. (And I have my own pet theory that a few commercial people visit here to find out what's popular to put out professionally - since we do represent a large and very, very loyal fanbase. How else would JJR have come out so fast? Just a thought.)

    Aarin is also a place, a community, where there literally are fellow fans for every taste and shade of boys' love, from the softest, barely-there shouen ai, to hard-core yaoi and likely beyond things that I personally don't watch. It's set up for no one, single, person's taste, and so there is literally something for everyone.

    What I end up spending the most of my time now is having a blast with Photoshop. There are tons of people, always willing to give tips and suggestions and well-thought-out critiques (not just "that sux" or worse, silence, that I've found elsewhere). I opened my "shop" in June of 2010, and I think I'm on my tenth batch by now, not counting contests - I use quotation marks because I don't charge points for my work, because I still have a lot to learn. (Stop by some of the other shops and see their samples - they will blow you away!)

    I haven't had as much time to get into the newer shows, so I tend to create works with my old favorites. I have a blast remembering the old, many-copied VHS tapes where a tiny 10-second out-of-focus kiss would be watched over and over again, let alone the countless debates over hints and "friendships" and "are they or aren't they". (Which still go on to this day!)

    Thanks for stopping by, and hopefully you will considering joining us here. You can't beat the price - free - or the friends - priceless - or the content - awesome. Feel free to visit my shop when you do so, and maybe you'll like what you see? Or read some of my stories. We are Aarin love to share. And then share something of yours with us!

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    Hi everyone! Welcome!

    I have been a member of this community for a while and I can say that I call it "a second home". Here one can chat with friends, share interests, have fun, play games/contests, talk about yaoi/bl related things, e.t.c. so many fun things to do! It is very fun talking with friends here whether it is casual daily stuff or bl/manga/anime related! There is fiction too and lovely pics at galleries <3
    Also in the contest/trivia section one can have lots of fun playing games and earning points. That's fun too and it can help the time to pass in a very entertaining way!

    I can also talk with fellow aariners about our favorite anime/manga. It's great to be able to talk about our interests and be able to exchange views on the things we like.
    There are also many shops and auctions so one can have fun time there too and earn beautiful things!
    Anime, manga and games, so fun!

    So have a great time everyone and c u at the forums! ^__^
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    so happy!

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    Welcome newcomers! let me tell you about my stay here.

    The first time i stumbled upon Aarinfantasy was when i was searching for anime to watch, and happened to come across the name on google. I was manly here to watch videos, but then i took along Hiatus because honestly i had forgotten about it. I made my back bout a year ago and been back since.

    You guys will l've it here i hope. and dont worry we wont bite hard.

    i love the friends and my Aarinfamily .. and hope you will come to love it too.
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    yo fellow yaoi-lovers

    when I first found Aarin via google I was totally overwhelmed >_<'
    because back then I had internet for the first time in my life and before I couldn't even imagine that out there is a forum especially for yaoi fans is existing
    I had to learn fast that there is even more outside in the net but the only one I stayed is Aarin ^^
    I don't know if it's whether it was my first anyway but I experienced the most warm welcome here ever and also I made great friends who I really wanna meet in RL, too (and some I met already )
    the card and points system are great specialties here but most important for me is the great community!

    When I was looking around in other forums I found so many people flaming and arguing around... somehow I either never went to the "fight-sections" here or there simple aren't any (or only some)
    the community is the best

    so have a look and learn to love this place just like me ^^
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    meanwhile Hisoka... →

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    for me to know and for you..... to find out ^_^

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    hi to all visitors to the aarin forum
    well fisrts of all i started to discover the yaoi world back in 2010 i got so interested on it that i start wondering around to found a good place where i could find ppl like me thank god i did find them in oct of 2011 i havent been a member for too long but since the first time i got here i was really welcome i felt like i knew from long before i spend here all my free time i love the forum there new things here everyday evryone is friendly and specially i love that here noone will critize your opinion it is a really good feeling to get to know ppl from other parts of the world connected for one llittle thing
    im a proud aarin girl fan ^_^


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