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    AarinFantasy at Comic Fiesta 2014 (Malaysia)

    Me and my team will be there to sell the AarinSecret magazine. There will be lucky draw on the spot to win random goodies and especially SuBLime's manga! Check out the picture below for more info:

    Crimson Spell card by SuBLime for giveaways!! This is an earlier pic I've posted on FaceBook, so please ignore the "More details coming soon!~" part. Otherwise, these are some of the things you can get from the lucky draw!


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    hello everyone!

    If you're coming to CF I'll be bringing these fanbooks, but you won't find it on any of the booths. Please PM me in either fb or tumblr if you're interested (i am not hanging out in this forum much). I don't have my own booth, but I'm sharing with another group but they don't allow me to sell on the table nor under table. That's why I have to COD these outside the event area OR you can grab them during the 2pm meetup at PenguinFrontier's booth!

    1. StalKing for Dummies
    Since Suoh Mikoto and Munakata Reisi seems rather close even as Kings of the opposite sides, what if they had been close since they were in middle school? This is an adaptation of how they first met
    (Note: I credited myself as vixcenn here as it was supposed to be my penname as BL artist)
    2. Mermaid Snack
    This is a collab between me and sorairoyesterday (aka Zymz). Story revolves around Haruka the mermaid; first story is about Haruka living the life as a culinary artist while hiding the fact that he is a mermaid. Second story is about Makoto keeping a mermaid!Haruka as a pet!
    3. ETERNAL ~Side Story~
    Another collaboration with Zymz which stems from our desire to see more Sousuke x Makoto together, so we decided to do one ourselves. We have fluff in the first story - shota!Makoto is stuck in a tree, what will shota!Sousuke do? (Rest assured. There’s no shotaporn!!) - and the second part has a bit of angst; Sousuke and Makoto became buddies in college, and they’re about to watch Rin and Haruka race in the Olympics.

    (Note: I credit myself as VieN in 2 and 3)

    VieN's art blog (If you?re coming to Comic Fiesta 2014 this weekend...)



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