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    Ah,there was a stormtrooper? Dang, missed that!<br><br>And OMG I totally wasn't glaring at Aarin or anything in that photo... that's my "intense concentration I'm really thinking about what to eat for lunch" stare haha. Thanks for sharing these Aarin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vixcenn View Post
    lol i think by now Danny Choo should be used to it, or able to accept it - my guy ACG-fan friends now are pretty open about BL ever since they got to know me. Even the emcees of cosplay competition are very open with BL, desu ne? I'm surprised he reacted as though he hasn't heard of aarinfantasy, I thought it's been pretty famous worldwide. I think Danny's more into moe stuff rather than top quality anime (i've heard some of his interviews), and represents otaku in general. I'm not a big fan of Danny Choo although I find him a very respectable businessman. which is why I'm more excited to meet aarin-nee XD

    we should do a proper gathering next time~
    I have no idea who Danny Choo is to be honest. Is he a creator-publishing his own manga or something?

    But totally agree: we should do a proper gathering! I'll bring my yaoi smut along and we can have a reading session haha.

    Set by Dorkzilla. Thank you!

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    I'm jealous of those who gets to meet Aarin and receive those BL mangas~!! >___< I was too busy chasing cosplayers around and my friend is against yaoi/BL and was having a hard time watching the events on the stage (eg. Hard Gay). Dragging her to meet other Aarin members might kill her LOL

    Btw, I was searching really hard for the source of those Sekaiichi and Junjou goodie bags...I was too shy to ask those who held them (and regret it to this day)........

    Going to Borders in The Gardens this Tuesday, they still have some BL manga leftovers back from those hassle free days, I doubt they'll re-stock it so it's on clearance sale...even Kinokuniya doesn't have them anymore
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