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    Map of the Forum (If you came here to download...)

    Hi there Newcomer!

    Welcome to Aarinfantasy's Forum. We hope you'll have a fun time here, and if you think it's hard to find what you're looking for then here's a little summary on how the forum works:

    First thing's first: Please visit this announcement and please read the rules. Be aware that each section might have their own rules & procedures so watch them carefully.

    If you came here to download things...
    You need to know that posting in any of the download threads without a download link is considered SPAM (unwanted post) and such posts will earn you a Warning.
    If you want to thank the users for uploading, do so by clicking the 'thanks' button or give them reputation by clicking the 'reputation' button on the bottom left side of their post.
    So please, DO NOT post 'thanks' or 'reuploads/dead links' messages in any of the following download sections:


    You can choose from the following methods to dl anime: bittorrent, direct download links (from server) and host links (mega, rapidshare).
    Download Yaoi/BL anime here.
    For bittorrents requests/reseed go here.
    For hostlinks Re-uploads, Re-encodes, Raw requests go here.

    Download artbooks, novels, manga, doujinshi here.
    Requests for new releases/yet-to-be-uploaded materials here.
    Requests for reuploads of expired download links, corrupted archives, wrong passwords, any issue related to a download link here.

    Games (Visual Novels)
    Download games here.
    Get your CG Packs here.
    Games Reuploads/New Titles Requests here.
    CG Packs Reuploads/New Titles Requests here.

    BL Drama CDs/Seiyuu
    BL Drama CD's & Seiyuu events here.
    Reuploads/Requests here.

    Live Action Movies & TV Drama Series
    Live Action Movies & TV Drama Series here.
    Reuploads/Requests here.

    Other Downloads
    You'll also find OSTs/Singles/AMVs and other things here.
    Reuploads/Requests of OST/Singles/Music here.
    Reuploads/Requests of Miscellaneous BL uploads here.

    ! For those who already uploaded BL/Yaoi/Shonen-Ai Material, you can report your contribution here.


    General Download Central
    Anime downloads here
    Manga downloads here
    Other general downloads here
    Request/Reuploads threads inside each subforum.

    ! For those who already uploaded in the General section, thank you! These uploads are not elegible for forum points.

    If you feel like you have to share your experience/thoughts concerning something you found on the forum you can do that! You can talk about anime, talk about dramas, talk about games, or talk about manga too.

    Need Help?

    If you need any help with how the Downloads work, how to get Codecs for the anime you downloaded or anything related to Computer, Internet, Video, etc. please look for your answers in the General Tech Savvy Center. If you need help with your Games (Visual Novels) please look in the Game Tech Center and if there's anything you don't understand about forum functions (thanks and reps, what cards are) please read the Forum Knowledge Base or search the FAQ. To get acquainted with the Points System look here & for iShop related look here.
    Before starting a new thread about your problem please search the existing ones. You can also use the search function to look for downloads.

    Become a member of the Community!

    First step is doing an introduction in this section ^^, you can skip if you're too shy, but it's nice to have regulars welcoming you. You can get to know them better by posting in the Community Café section (non yaoi related), voting in the Voting Booth, checking out their amazing Artwork, or reading their great Fanfics. You might also want to check out the Photo Album, or just have a good Chat here (Yaoi related). If you have time, visit the Forum Games too.

    There are many other things you can do here, check the menu under the banner to find links to the huge Gallery, to access the iShop, the AFChat, to view your Control Panel etc.

    With any questions please go to the linked sections or contact a Mod or the Admins. Suggestions on improving the forum are appreciated, please post them here.

    See you around!
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