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    Using the Report button/function

    What is the report button/function?
    It's a function of the board that allows you to point out something to the forum staff.

    Where is located?/How to use it?
    The report button is located at the bottom left side of each post, it's the exclamation mark with triangle icon (). However, in some sections of the forum such as Gallery, Social Groups, Videos (streaming) and Visitor Messages, the report function is a link that explicitely says: Report.
    To use this function, simply click on the button/link and state the reason why you're reporting the post/thread/entry/image/message, etc.

    When to use the Report function?
    This function is used to communicate anything that you feel should be informed to the forum staff. When you click on it, you will see the following note:

    This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts, anyone breaking any rules, closing threads, deleting messages, and anything you feel that should be informed to the staff.
    In other words, it's a function that allows forumers to mantain this community updated since this way forum staff will notice faster the issues that need attention. Remember that this function is not restricted only to very delicate or serious issues.

    Things to remember when using the report function

    State clearly the reason why you're reporting. For example, if you want to report a double thread, kindly include the previous/original thread so the staff member that reads your report, knows exactly what other thread you're referring to.

    If you're reporting due to violation of the Rules, kindly state if you're referring to the Main Forum Rules or any other specific rule of the section you're browsing, such as specific rules for Fiction, Gallery, Anime Uploads, Signature Rules, etc.

    As stated on the Main Forum Rules, the staff investigates and handles all reported issues on a case by case basis. Sometimes resolving an issue is very fast, like changing/updating prefixes but in other cases, handling the issues might take few days to weeks.

    If you find dead links on any section of the Download forums, you should use the designated Reupload/Requests sections to request new links. If you report such posts with dead links, chances are that you won't get your file reuploaded as only the Admins & Mods will see your report, hence the probability of us having the file you're looking for is low.

    If you prefer to PM an Admin/Mod, you are always welcome to do so, specially if the issue you want to talk about is something private that you don't want to be known by all members of staff. However, if it's something that requires discussion or the input from other members of Staff, the issue most likely be disclosed to the rest of Admin/Mods so we can agree about the most suitable action to take.

    Suggestions to implement to the forum should be made on the Suggestion section and not via report function.

    Only Administrators and Moderators can see reports. Forum Support members can't see them.

    Using the report function is the fastest way to get the attention of forum staff.

    Abusing the report function
    Please note that while forum staff is here to mantain this community nice for everyone, we might not be able to handle a lot of reports from the same user as we need to focus equally on all reports from all members. Keep in mind this before sending more than 5 reports per day. Thanks a lot for your cooperation!
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