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    User Groups (Ranks)

    This forum has different usergroups (ranks) that serve to identify our community members according to the following criteria and activities:


    Members of this usergroup are in charge of the planning, structuring and development of the entire forum. They have full access to all sections of the board and can modify it in any way they deem appropriate. Among other things, only they and mods will issue warning points and bans.

    This is a one-man usergroup XD Dai-kun is in charge of all technical (coding) issues.

    Moderators are the direct support of Administrators. They have full moderation permissions and are in charge of helping members to solve disputes, mantaining discussions on topic, dealing with problematic users, giving infractions and ban members if necessary.

    NOTE1: If you want to highlight something that violates the forum's rules, you should use the Report button first at the bottom left corner of the post

    NOTE2: Members of AF Staff are selected through discussion among aarinfantasy and Staff members, or through application when it's open. There's no current vacancy to select new staff members.


    Users with this button are either ex-moderators, aarinfantasy fansub team members, forum bots or people who have direct connection with official forum activities.

    Users with this button are those who have donated to the forum, for more info about additional benefits you can read here. Also, there's no expiration date for your Contributor Rank, if you have donated at least once to the forum you'll keep the rank permanently.

    Users that are temporarily or permanently banned from the forum due to violation of the TOS.
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