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    Post count & User Title

    • User title is the short text located under your username and it changes according to your post count as explained below:

    User Title Posts
    Yaoi Amateur
    Yaoi Supporter
    Yaoi Fan
    Yaoi Addict
    Yaoi Lover
    Yaoi Devotee
    Yaoi Expert
    Yaoi Veteran
    Yaoi Legend
    Total Yaoi Freak
    Extreme Yaoi Guru
    • Customized user titles are only enabled for AarinFantasy Staff.

    • Please note that posting in some sections won't increase your post count such as Forum Games/Quiz, Contests & Trivias, Auction, Request, etc. How can you know if a certain section increase your post count? Well, if your post count does not increase when you post in that particular section, it means what its post count has been disabled.

    • In order to keep things organized as possible, Administrators will sometime delete or cleanup posts in different sections of the forum. This will affect how your number of posts will be displayed in your postbit as well as your user title. For example, if you have 1200 posts your user title is Yaoi Veteran but after forum pruning, if your post count drops to 1180, your user title will return to Yaoi Expert. We will try everything we can to prevent you from losing post count, but it is not guaranteed.

    • Please note that your reputation points won't be affected upon deletion of your posts. Only case is the reputation power that is affected if you lose 100 posts which equate 1 rep power.

    • Everytime you reach a new user title, the bar below it will change too.
    Once you have 1800 posts it will be full
    Once you have 2000 it will become animated

    It seems that we are facing bug issues on post count. Sometimes people can suddenly get massive amount of post count (which we can clearly see is a bug) or a reduction of post count without any reason (when no one deleted any threads or posts but still post count drops). Both cases can be corrected manually, so if you find your post count with an exorbitant number or suddenly lose over 100 posts please PM aarinfantasy about it.
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