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    Exclamation Reputation Abuse Update and Reminder [Update: 03/25/09]

    ************************************************** *****

    Here's what we want people to understand about the Reputation System:

    The Reputation feature is used as a reward system to allow members to receive recognition for their post that was either helpful or had a positive impact on users, which could be, for example: useful information; sharing media content for others; advice; etc.

    It is Not:
    A fun or game feature - Random, out-of-the-blue rep without a valid reason why he/she deserves it. Do add reasons why you rep people.

    A chat or cybering system - Repping talking about what you feel and did during the day, flirting etc. PM's are more than appropriate for this.
    We will be very strict about this. Those violating this policy will receive a 'three strikes out' penalty:
    1. First warning from a moderator, permanent infraction on your profile record, unnecessary rep deleted and reputation disabled for 7 days.
    2. Second warning and infraction record added, with all your reputation points reset to zero and reputation disabled for 30 days.
    3. User account banned.

    We ask members to report any suspicious users who might violate this system for the benefit of all forum members.

    Misuse of negative reputation will be treated as an abuse as well.

    Do understand that the policy above will be strongly enforced, and monitoring of potential abusers will be closely investigated.

    Thanks for your cooperation ~

    The mods and admin team

    ************************************************** *****
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    Exclamation Regarding rep abuse and repping back sig text. Please Read.

    During the forum maintenance, we found some forumers who abused the reputation system by using it as "repping circle", PM/VM function, roleplaying channel, greeting thread, etc.

    In response to this, we updated the TOS to include:

    • Please use this system for legitimate purposes only.
    • Do NOT:
      • Form a reputation circle (Friends repping each other back and forth).
      • Give reputation for the sole purpose of repping the same person.
      • Ask for reputation. This includes, but is not limited to, signature texts, VMs and threads.

    Some rep comments in the logs revealed that some of those who abused this feature started from repping back each other/just returning the favor, got along, became buddies/"families", and ended up abusing the reputation system by sending rep points to each other in a scheduled basis.

    Having stated this, we are asking everyone to remove their "Pls leave your name so I can rep you back"/ "Rep me and I'll give you back the favor" (or something similar) sig text as it only invites further rep abuse.

    We are doing this to cut down the abuse. You can still rep anyone you like. No one will stop you from doing that. Just make sure you are using it for valid purposes, have valid reasons and you're not overusing it (ex: sending appreciation towards a sig for 4x a wk or the same contest for 5x a wk).

    There will be 1-2 wks time allowance so everyone can adapt with the new rules.

    We are hoping that everyone will cooperate on this.

    Thank You.

    Useful links:
    Reputation Abuse Update and Reminder
    Regarding some new rules (some feedbacks from the Staff regarding this issue)
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