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    Forbidden MANGA to share!

    Please take note that the following yaoi/BL manga titles are forbidden to share:

    All US Licensed English volumes.

    All titles from Artists, Publishers & Scanlation Groups listed: here.

    To authors/artists:
    If you're an artist (mangaka/doujinshinka/illustrator) and don't want to see your works posted in this forum please contact through PM aarinfantasy or email staff@aarinfantasy.com with the following information: Pen name & Homepage.

    Regarding Defunct English Publishers:

    Please note that once a publishing company goes defunct/out of bussiness, those titles can be shared again. You're allowed to post:
    + Japanese/Raw scans
    + Scanlations
    + Scans from the defunct english publisher edition.

    Before uploading please make sure that the title wasn't licensed by any other company or breaking any other rule.

    At the moment (August, 2014) these are the defunct publishers whose titles can be shared again on the forum:
    • BLU Manga (hxxp://www.blumanga.com/)
    • Deux Press (hxxp://www.deux-press.com/)
    • Drama Queen (hxxp://www.onedramaqueen.com/)
    • Kitty Media (hxxp://www.kittymedia.com/)
    • Yaoi Generation (hxxp://yaoigen.com)
    • JManga (hxxp://www.jmanga.com)

    If you wish to reupload/share manga titles licensed by those publishers and find a thread closed with a LICENSED tag, please use the report button at the bottom left side of the post to request reopening of the thread.


    - Future Lovers was first licensed by Deux Press BUT we can't share it as it belongs to Libre Publishing AND is currently licensed by SuBLime.
    - Crimson Spell was first licensed by Kitty Media BUT we can't share it as it's currently licensed by SuBLime.
    - You and me, etc. was first licensed by BLU Manga and since it's not licensed by any other publishing company at the moment and it doesn't belong to any artists, publishers & scanlation groups listed: here, we can share it again.
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