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    Chatroom Rules and Guidelines

    Rules and Guidelines for

    Chatroom location:
    Click on Forum tab at the top of the forum, and then "Chatroom"
    Direct Link: Chatroom

    The chatroom uses a general shoutbox format, so we will be referring to it as Chatroom or Shoutbox.

    ~ o ~

    1. Shoutbox users are not allowed to display rudeness, racial slurs, flame wars, trying to initiate a fight, cybering...
    2. Shoutbox users should use a language that is free of cursing, even when they replace letters with *** or other symbols.
    3. Shoutbox users should not display inappropriate pictures or links that are offensive or sexually explicit in content.
    4. 'Hugs' and 'kisses' or other similar simple/harmless actions are fine but no cybering/cybersex or taking it to the point of making shoutbox users feel uncomfortable. You can mention 'rape' or similar things if it's obviously harmless or as a just kidding remark.
    5. Please try not to post large pictures since it takes too much space in the chatroom. If you want to big pictures, please post text link to it.
    6. Shoutbox users can report to forum mods/admins if someone did not follow the rules. We will review the chat history and take action accordingly. When reporting, please provide screenshots too if possible.
    7. Like the forum's rules, there is age limit in the main Shoutbox room or anywhere in the Chatroom is 16 years old at minimum unless stated otherwise like (18+) on the chatroom tab. Anyone caught admitting below 16 years old will be banned.
    8. In the (18+) section, you can talk adult topic but please keep it to everything except for cybering/cybersex.

    Furthermore: The Main Forum Rules also apply to the shoutbox of course.


    Breaking the rules might award you a Warning Point, depending on your history and the gravity of the situation. Shoutbox users who do not follow these simple rules will be warned or banned from the shoutbox.

    All public chats are automatically archived in the chat history.

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