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    Exclamation Picture Gallery Rules

    Picture Gallery RULES

    *Extension to the Main Forum RULES*

    1. All pictures should be placed in our new gallery. Make sure you upload it in the right gallery category.
    2. Only 18+ members are allowed in the gallery.
    3. Post/upload BL/Yaoi (Slashable) pictures only! No hentai, yuri or real life p0rn.
    4. Before uploading, please check this thread first for the list of some artists who do NOT wish for their work to be uploaded on Aarinfantasy. All pictures belonging to these artists will be deleted without prior notice.
    5. When uploading shotacon images in the gallery, please put [SHOTA] warning into the picture title.
    6. NO uploading of whole Doujinshi/Manga in our Anime/Manga picture section.
    7. NO uploading of cosplay pictures even slashable ones.
    8. Do NOT post whole CG packs under the BL Games / Games section, you can post them zipped in the CG Packs Donwload forum.
    9. Pictures over 850 days will be automatically deleted by the forum system (to clear some space and make way for new ones).
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    Hi everyone~

    We've received a report recently from the gallery of a spambot. Since these spambots are much harder to detect, we ask of anyone who spots a spambot commenting on your gallery uploads, or happen to see one, to report the comment through the "Report Post" icon located on the bottom right corner of the comment.

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