Hi there!

I have about 300 Doujinshi, and I need to be rid of it. So, I'm selling it! I am located in Australia, however I can ship mostly anywhere at the buyers expense.

To the USA, for example, is (estimated) around $14 USD to send a standard parcel according to default calculator.

$15 USD each. (Quite cheap compared to resellers-- some of them I saw for $40+ USD).

All Doujinshi is BRAND NEW. A lot of it was still in the original wrapper, but I had to open it to inspect whether it was a novel.

NOVELS $10. Ask about it.

Mostly Demon slayer, Tanjiro x Kyojuro pairing.

NEED it gone for space constraints and budgetary concerns. PAYPAL preferred. Send a DM or reply here, I can also link to my ebay store with the listings if you prefer that.

Google Drive

Check for updates... I'm slow to scan it all because my scanner sucks lol
last update: 25 07 2023