Hello! I'm Kalendel, I've been scanlating for >10yrs and want to get rid of some of my collection of Japanese manga. I've posted this giveaway to mangadex and manga-updates (where I have old accounts, if you want to check), but no one asked for any BL, so I decided to come here where the BL fans are.

The list of volumes contains a lot of BL and BL-ish josei (pretty boy josei). A lot of it was inherited when Bliss closed down. All manga are in Japanese. Anything I don't give away, I'll need to throw away, so please take anything and everything you might like!

USA only, you only pay for shipping. In the USA there is cheap "media mail" shipping for books. Minimum cost is $4, but it's only $10 for 10lbs (10lbs is like 30 volumes). After I ship it, I'll send you the receipt, and you can send me an amazon giftcard to my email.

gDrive link: 2023 Manga Giveaway

My preferred contact method is email (kalendel@gmail.com). Please give these old manga a good home!