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Thread: Some Free Books

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    Some Free Books

    So.... where to begin. Long story short eBay has decided to restrict certain things. I feel a bit attacked because even though out of 400+ items in my store only 3 were BL they still removed my listings. I feel even more attacked because even though the policy specifically calls out yaoi and graphic manga they don't say squat about yuri.

    I mostly sell anime merchandise, toys, handmade crochet items but I had the books listed so that like-minded people could grab them for cheap in a reliable environment.

    So here is what I have:

    3 copies of Blue Sheep Reverie #6 by Makoto Tateno still in the plastic (ENGLISH)
    1 of President Momoi-kun by Higashi Nishida. (ENGLISH) Read but treated very gently.
    1 of More than sex Friends but less than lover by Amama Katsuki. (FRENCH). Not in plastic but in outstanding condition.

    I offer these up for free if anyone is interested. Please just pay shipping. If you aren't in a rush US media post is about 4$. If you are outside the US I will give you a direct quote if you give me your address. I'm in Washington DC so you can check the shipping for yourself if you like.

    Feel free to check my feedback on eBay, I've been a member since 2001. That gives my age away a bit doesn't it, lmao! www.ebay.com/str/dclovelyitems

    Thank you for your time.


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    I can take them How much is the shipping towards zip 32920 or 11373?



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