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    Exclamation Simple Rules and Re-opening of AF Marketplace

    Some of you may have noticed the AF Marketplace was gone for months. I have actually transferred the entire section to a closed section, thinking no one really use it anymore... but apparently some of you are interested in selling or giving away some of your anime or manga. That's why I have put the AF Marketplace section back up again.

    Previously, a seller or re-seller needs an approved status to sell things here.
    This time, we do not need any forum admin or moderators to approve your seller or re-seller status, as it will be your full responsibility with buying or selling in the section. You can advertise and communicate however you want through threads, posts or private messaging, that will be entirely up to you.

    Items allowed for sale or giveaway must be related to any genre of anime, shows, manga or game only.

    Please note that AarinFantasy forum bears no responsibility for anything that goes wrong with the transaction. If in doubt, best is to have the seller to show you their online shop's link elsewhere for any reviews they have there or something similar, and then deal with them there. Otherwise, please take extra precaution when dealing with any buyer or seller.

    Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions.
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