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    Support Japan project

    Hi everyone!

    When the earthquake + tsunami hit Japan, I started making a project with my school's support but it died out at my campus so I'm trying other ways to continue raising money.
    I've been making keychains and selling them for 2 euros (a bit less than 2 dollars...).
    That way we collected 400 euros already.
    But I still have material to make about 200 keychains... and I was wondering if anyone on this forum was interested in buying some?

    This is the linkie link to the website with more info (french/dutch and english) and pictures of the keychains. http://whiteshinju.chooty.org/

    If you are interested in making a purchase, please let me know by this thread, send me a pm with your mailing information and I will ship them to you.
    Of course, because I'm merely a student and don't have that much money, I'm asking for the people to pay the shipment costs (everything is shipped from Belgium, Europe), I don't know the exact prices but I think it shouldn't be more than 2-5 euros.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Also, the website still needs an update, but in the gallery I will soon put pictures of proofs that the money has been sent to the japanese red cross and such, so I hope you will have no fear of me being a rip-off... I love Japan a lot and wouldn't like to do such a thing...

    So, order away!
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