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    Bits & Crumbles~ [Closed]

    ~ Welcome to Bits & Crumbles ~

    :: Due to some unforeseen circumstances in real life, my shop is officially closed ::
    :: However, if you are a Malaysian and you are interested in purchasing these manga, reach me via PM. ::
    :: The above offer last until September 2011 as I will be away for a long time. ::
    :: If you are a person I know (either you are in my contact list/friend list), you may VM/PM me for the offer as well. ::
    :: Expect delay in reply. ::

    Link to my shop: HERE

    Contact Info: PM via Lj or Aarinfantasy

    Return/Shipping Policy: Refer link
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    Set by ritar~ merci babe
    Omgawd, Dinopoopie sent me a shinny, pink overloaded set

    My Eternal Gratitude & I have a new wish list



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