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    Donor of the Month

    Hi everyone! I have not been choosing Donor of the Month for a very long time, because I forgot about doing this with many things going on around me. So I'm really really sorry about it. It just suddenly came to me today that I have not been choosing Donor of the Month (despite Twinstar sending Mentions to me but I still miss out on them), so here I am.

    I will now be listing the Donor of the Month from June 2017 which I have not chosen since, till latest month (July 2018) . As before, each of you will get to choose an iShop card of your choice, which includes any one iShop card (Event card or even out of stock ones). I will PM everyone who got chosen for this too.

    June 2017: @LuciferxDamien ;
    July 2017: @kinsugi ;
    Aug 2017: @peilicanhelican ;
    Sep 2017: @stormwolf2010 ;
    Oct 2017: @laketica ;
    Nov 2017: @lemur7 ;
    Dec 2017: @Blue-Jay ;

    Jan 2018: @tzin18 ;
    Feb 2018: @Duo_Maxwell ;
    Mar 2018: @catnip718 ;
    Apr 2018: @koukou710 ;
    May 2018: @koukou710 ;
    June 2018: @lemur7 ;
    July 2018: @keikanna44 ;

    Will continue listing here for future DoTM. Thank you so much for donating!

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