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    Profile of the Month - POTM - July/December 2023


    • POTM will run for 6 months instead of monthly.
    • Creators can submit up to 3 Profiles (older or newer) made by them and used by AF Members (inactive or active - you could discuss with the active members before submission) as long as the Profiles haven't already won a past POTM CONTEST and the profile wasn't submitted for participation by the AF Member.
    • PRIZES:
    • Creators who enter their own profile and win will get 10mil + ishop card submission + POTM CONTEST AWARD .
    • Non-creators who enter and win will get 5 mil + ishop card submission + POTM CONTEST AWARD and the Creator will get 10mil + ishop card submission + POTM CONTEST AWARD .
      Or you could choose to submit a collaboration card together.
    • VOTING: will be public, voted through a poll by AF Members and Staff alike.


    As a CREATOR, in order to submit 3 profiles, the submissions must be from 3 different members that are wearing your designed profile at the moment of the contest and during it's voting. Automatically, one of the members could be the Creator himself/herself.


    Custom Profile of the Month (POTM)



    • Your profile must have been customized by you or another creator and not copied from someone else's design.
    • Must not have already received a Profile of the Month award for the same design on a previous occasion.


    • Submit your entry by posting in this thread. Just post:
      "Entering my profile for POTM."
    • If your profile is created or done by someone else, please mention his/her username at the post:
      "Entering my profile for POTM." Created by (username)
    • If the Creators submits their creations please post: "Submitting my profile for the POTM, created for - add username".


    Open to Entries July 12th, 2023
    Closed to Entries & Nominations December 23, 2023
    Winner Announcement January 2024

    For creator: 10 million points + iShop submission pic (Lv1-9 or Mascot) + POTM Contest Award
    For non-creator: 5 million points + iShop submission pic (Lv1-9 or Mascot) + POTM Contest Award


    Learn of to customise and create your own profile
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