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    Oh shoot, I was so busy this month that I totally forgot about this ^^;
    Well, let me recommend this one, since I adored reading it:

    Intense by Kyungha Yi (Lee Kyung Ha)

    It's complete with its 28 chapters and let me just say that the name says it all. This manhwa IS intense.
    I especially appreciated the overall melancholy of the story, the slow natural pace (without it being boring) and the beautiful art style.
    I don't want to spoiler certain things, so it's hard to say enough and not too much in a summary, but basically this is about Jiwoon, a young orphan who's the bodyguard of a mobster boss, and Soohan, a mute who works for the mob in a small village as some kind of janitor.
    Jiwoon temporarily moves in with Soohan and soon enough the two find each other very interesting, even though communication is a bit 'weird' in the beginning.
    There's gangster stuff, drama, abusive/possessive relationships, angst and it can be overall quite dark in certain parts of the story, but there's also romance.
    I read the whole manhua in one go since it's not too long and it's an easy read, imho.



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