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    Aarin - Busy

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    Feb 2005

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    Forum 15th Anniversary Giveaway

    AarinFantasy Forum
    15th Anniversary Giveway

    This month marks the forum's 15th year! Some of you may still be confused about the month but the unofficial start for this forum was in Nov 2004 and only officially open in Feb 2005... that's why it is in November.

    For this anniversary, I want to do a giveaway for forum members with some items I bought personally from Japan and USA publishers (all are new or unopened). FIVE lucky winners will be chosen at the first week of Jan 2020. Making this very simple and at the same time, I would really like to hear from you~ Thank you.

    What to do:
    1) Post in this thread about when or how you knew/joined this forum. Also, please let me know if you are following AarinFantasy on any social media. You can also post other things if you like to add anything. The post can be any length.

    2) Please state in the same post which Prize option you like to win. You can choose only ONE prize.
    - If for some reason you did not state the prize, I will put your name for the prize that least people chose.
    - If you mentioned more than one prize option, I will put your name for one option randomly.
    - If you do not want any prize but still want to post for fun, you can do so too!

    NOTE: You can edit your prize choices in your post by the due date.

    EXAMPLE on what to post:
    "I have been in this forum since 2012, and first knew about it from another site for anime.
    Knew and met a few forum members too!
    I also followed AarinFantasy on all 3 social media at FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram!
    I would like to choose Prize A."

    3) Wait till first week of January 2020 for me to pick a winner! Check back this thread or any of my social media:


    Prize Option:
    PRIZE A: In These Words keychain by Guilt Pleasure and ITW fanart by Sakimichan which she drew for Guilt Pleasure
    PRIZE B: Yuri On Ice's Otabek huge acrylic keychain and Yuri Plisetsky aluminum round keychain (Japan)
    PRIZE C: Ten Count, postcard set (Japan)
    PRIZE D: Hitorijime My Hero, two huge acrylic keychain (Japan)
    PRIZE E: This Night's Everything by Akira Minazuki, English manga published by June Manga

    How to win:
    I will pick 5 winners for each prizes randomly from a random generator page or app.
    This is all random, so whatever or quality of the content you wrote does not matter.
    What's most important is that you post something here before the due date and state a prize option.

    DUE DATE: 31st Dec 2019

    1) Any forum member can join this, including forum staff.
    2) Please make sure you have a valid address or able to receive the prizes should you win.
    3) This opens to everyone worldwide, the prizes can be shipped worldwide.
    4) Prizes will arrive anytime from 1-3 months depending on your location (I will ship them out anytime in January) - please keep this in mind in case you are changing address within that time frame.


    Thank you so much for supporting this forum all these years!~
    Also, anyone that join this giveaway or post in this thread will get 200,000 forum points from me.

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    Sep 2011

    (S038) Hazuki(Event) Forum - Izumi(Event) Forum - Ryouma
    (Event) Forum - Kousuke Ooshiba
    I have being a member of this forum since 2011 , i first came to know about the forum on the video sub by the awesome team , being a great place where i met a few cool yaoi mates too , the memories are too much to be spoken with words

    I also followed Aarinfantasy Facebook And Instagram <3

    I would like to choose Prize D

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    Aug 2014

    Red face I'm a Fan : D

    I'm a member of this forum since 2014 and i think i found out about it from the facebook page.
    Love how the fantasy world comes true here hehe : D
    I'm following AarinFantasy everywhere (FB, IG and Twitter) c:
    I would like to have Prize E. ♥

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    Yaoi Lover

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    Mar 2007
    Land Of Hornbills, Malaysia

    Dazai Osamu (L8)Asami (L10)Lan Zhan / Lan WangJi (L9)
    Chuuya Nakahara (L8)Akihito (L10)YiLing P. (L9)

    Greetings! I've been a member of this forum since 2007 when I'm in high school and now I've graduated from university. I found out the forum from Google, I think. I'm following AarinFantasy on IG and Twitter.

    Would love to have Prize C.

    Thank you and Happy 15th Anniversary, AarinFantasy Forum!

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    Jul 2009
    lost in space

    Itachi (L10)Sasuke (L12)Naruto (Kyuubi) (L10)
    (S077) Yashiro (chibi)Heart 6 (Devil)(S078) Doumeki (chibi)

    I have been in this forum since... *checks profile* (lame memory is lame) 2009, and first knew about it when I discovered yaoi. I was interested in Junjou Romantica and bl in general, and aarinfantasy forums were recommended online.
    I also followed AarinFantasy on FaceBook and Twitter! I don't have Instagram, sorry!
    I would like to choose Prize E.

    Happy 15th Anniversary!!
    Thank you for the generous giveaway!! ^__^

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    Jun 2013
    By the sea.

    Ban (L10)Kuga (L8)Deadpool (L9)
    Venom (L8)Death (L9)Golgo 13 (L8)

    Happy anniversary, Aarin! Thanks for all your hard work for so many years. (And same thanks goes to all the staff, past and present.)

    I won't go into detail of how I ended up here etc, as I don't want to join the giveaway. But thanks for putting up with me these past 10 or so years. (I feel old now )

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    Oct 2007
    SC, USA

    Lelouch (L9)Light (L8)Roy (L7)
    Levi SnK (L8)Erwin SnK (L9)Eren SnK (L9)
    Happy 15th Anniversary!!

    I joined this forum back in October 2007 when I was in my second year of college. 2 of my 3 roommates/suitemates were really into anime, including BL and yaoi and the like. I was already reading Harry Potter slash fanfic, so they introduced me to anime and I've been hooked ever since. One of the girls was actually a mod on here for a bit, but I don't know what her username was. I got a good bit of the hardcore yaoi on my external harddrive from her. Pretty much all the anime on my external hard drive (and it's an extensive amount) came from here and I'm so grateful that I have what I have since this was way before streaming really became a thing and many streaming sites don't have the anime I have (some do), and even then some anime gets pulled off sites, so it's not like it's there forever. I miss the old days of MegaUpload, lol. I follow AarinFantasy on Facebook and Twitter.

    I would like Prize E or Prize B (preference is for E), whichever you wish to pull for is fine with me.

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    Extreme Yaoi Guru

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    Jun 2009
    In a big king bed with Kakashi, Asami, Kojuurou, Koujaku, Hanamiya, Hisoka, Sekizan & He Tian

    Kakashi (L10)Heart 1 (Red)Iruka (L8)
    Jian Yi (L9)Love (02) leftZhan Zheng Xi (L9)

    Happy 15th Anniversary!

    no prize giveaway for me *^__^*

    i love kakashi hatake (naruto) to death. kakashi kisses iruka pictures lead me to yaoi/BL world . yaoi world is beautiful.
    i discovered AarinFantasy website by Google search for the best KakaIru pictures. AF have a amazing Gallery here
    wow so many endless pictures! i don't have FB and Twitter accounts.

    thank you for create your AF forum! AF is my drug daily dose.

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    Sep 2005

    (S078) Doumeki (chibi)(S077) Yashiro (chibi)Moonlight
    HamletAtsushi (Tiger)Inukashi (L6)
    Happy Anniversary Aarinfantasy

    Gosh...I've been here almost as long as it has been around...So many wonderful memories to look back on and many more to look forward too....

    1- I joined in 2005,,September..but that is after the big "crash" that destroyed the very first aarinfantasy( sometime between 2002-2004)
    2-Humm how did I find you on the net...??? my apologies I can't really remember,,was so long ago...
    I follow you on Facebook ...
    As for a Prize I'm not fussy,,so put on a blind fold...whichever your hand grabs first will be it..(for the win order)

    =Big Hug= Thank-you for the contest !!
    Good luck to everyone

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    Mar 2017

    Banko (L3)Touga (L1)Makishima Yuusuke (L7)
    Lady Oscar (L2)Bancoran (L6)Kusakabe (L8)
    Happy anniversary!
    I think I found this site on 2017, while looking for Patalliro english subbed episodes (and I really wished I had been here when the people were more active on here, but I still couldn't speak English back then...)
    I follow aarinfantasy both on Twitter and Facebook, and I'd like to get prize E.


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