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    AarinFantasy's Contest - Guess The Picture! (Coming soon)

    Just a heads up first, a contest will be posted on Wednesday, 12th Oct 2016 (+9GMT).
    Don't worry, it's not going to be a first to answer all correct to win contest. For this coming contest, you can take your time on it until the due date.

    As the contest thread says... it is Guess The Picture! Remember the screenshots cut that I used to make and let everyone guess what title that picture comes from? I am bringing that back!
    The pictures will only be from BL anime or anime that AF has fansubbed before. I will put up some general hints on what list or path to look for, so you won't need to look blindly or stray too far off to look for answers. You can even try guessing the answer if you really can't find it.

    The prizes will be as below:
    Grand Prize (which you can choose one option):
    OPTION A: A physical manga “Midnight Stranger Vol1” (SuBLime manga)
    OPTION B: A Finder Series clear file folder and a Finder Series keychain of“Akihito”.
    OPTION C: A set of Finder Series “Akihito” badges and a Finder Series keychain of“Akihito”.
    OPTION D: A $20 gift card from emanga.com (for digital manga purchase only)
    OPTION E: A physical manga “Ten Count Vol1” (SuBLime manga)
    OPTION F: A set of “Akira” from Togainu no Chi merchandise
    Extra gift: 3 Event cards of your choice from the iShop for the grand prize winner.

    Grand Prize winner will be determined by a lucky draw among the all correct answers entries, which will be picked by me using a randomizer or manual paper pick (which I may show on video).

    Participants with all correct answers: 2 Event Cards of your choice from the iShop

    Lucky Chance: The 7th person who submits the answer to my PM inbox will get 3 Event cards of their choice from the iShop, regardless of answering all correct or not. If the person has all correct answers and happens to be the 7th submission, the prize will stack which means that person will get a total of 5 Event Cards.


    A lot of you are very good with such contests and event the hunt one, so I'm going to make it even more difficult! Yay~~ *gets smacked* ^____^;;;
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