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    following Victuri and Otayuri to all their performances to watch their cute moments together ♥

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    Manga Review of The Month (MROTM) - Sept. 2016

    Manga Review of The Month

    • Must be between 100 and 300 words, no more than that. If it is too long, your entry will not be included. You may enter it in the next round though if you have it edited.

    • Manhua and Manhwa are allowed to be reviewed.

    • I have removed this part for now since we don't tend to get many entries.
      "If less than 5 participants, then only 1 winner will be chosen for the month.
      If more than 5 participants, then 2 winners will be chosen for the month."

    All submitted reviews will also be archived for others to read.

    How to Enter:


    MROTM is chosen through Voting which will be posted in this section of the forum. First 3 weeks (1st-22st) of the month for submission and the last week (23rd-30/31th) will be for Voting. We will announce the winner at the first day of the next month.

    Winner's Prize:
    3 million points for winner AND iShop submission pic (Lv1-9 or Mascot)

    • Send your Submission to this username through Private Message (PM): AF Forum Contest.
      Important: You must write in the PM subject as "Submission for MROTM"




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