Manga Review of The Month

NEW REVISION: All submitted reviews will also be archived for others to read.

How to Enter:


MROTM is chosen through Voting. First 3 weeks (1st-21st) of the month for submission, then it will be closed for submission (22nd) and the last week (23rd-30th/31st) will be for Voting. Link to voting thread will be updated here on the last week of the month. We will announce the winner next month.

Winner's Prize:
3 million points for winner AND iShop submission pic (Lv1-9 or Mascot)

If less than 5 participants, then only 1 winner will be chosen for the month.
If more than 5 participants, then 2 winners will be chosen for the month.

  • Send your Submission to this username through Private Message (PM): AF Forum Contest.
    Important: You must write in the PM subject as "Submission for MROTM"