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    [CLOSED] Win Hardcopy of AarinSecret Contest

    Special thanks to @koukou710 ; for making the AarinSecret magazine available for this contest!

    Have you ever wanted the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy (printed version) but could not donate for it? Now you might stand a chance to win it by entering this contest!

    What you have to do:
    - Fill in and post the following: "I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because..."
    (as many words as you want)
    - Post in this thread itself.
    - You can only post ONE time.

    Criteria to enter:
    - Any members of this forum is eligible to join, including staff.
    - You must not have already owned or won the hard copy of the magazine from previous contests or donation, unless you want to join this to give it to another person or forum member.

    How winners are picked:
    The judge will the photographer of the AarinSecret magazine (part of the AarinFantasy Media Team that covers some events), he will pick based on the reason(s) you wrote. He is NOT a forum member but is someone I know in person. So he doesn't know anyone here and can pick fairly.

    There are 3 copies to be given away - Printed version of AarinSecret Issue #3 (Spring 2013), which includes Otome's Way interview page autographed personally by their artist Ai Yusura, and a bookmark. This is to be delivered to your doorstep.
    So do post here if you are interested. It can be any reasons, or simply very plain reason.

    Participation points: 200000 points.

    DUE DATE: 4th July 2013, 12pm (Japan time)

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because I want to remember ever being on this site in case I say good bye to internet life (though it's not like I'd ever go away from the virtual world any time soon) but it would be really, really nice to have something which I can hold (andsmell) from Aarinfantasy and this wonderful site. Kinda like something to commemorate... what's the word.... orz. I'm not good with words D:

    Of course, I'd want a copy too because well, it has yaoi goodies inside and all. I actually haven't read the web version yet or any of the previous volumes but it'd be really nice to actually own one eue

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! //rollstothesunset

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    "I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because..." I need good yaoi material to put on my(nonexistent at the moment)side table by my bed so that I can read it before bed, my girlfriend can read it, then we read it together, then lots of happy naughty time! so there are my little shallow, lustful, naughty reasons to put in my plea for it
    Plus I have Never been able to get a copy of Aarin Secret,...been too broke,..
    but hey where else am I gonna learn those new positions to tie up my little uke bishies?

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because this will be my first ever hard copy collection of a BL magazine. Ive been going to some BL convention but didnt manage to buy even a BL manga (bec its expensive). Yes im a fan, but it doesnt mean i can buy all those hardcopy stuff that i like. Thats why i am a member of aarinfantasy coz i can get a softcopy and latest news as well about yaoi! So if you will be giving me a copy of this magazine, i will really be thankful with all my heart Thank you for having a contest like this

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because it would be a reminder to me of how I began my writing career.

    Aarinfantasy was the first BL/yaoi site I stumbled across and it was the first place I posted a M/M story. I can still remember how fearful I was while posting that story, but everyone was so welcoming that the fear only lasted for an instant before it disappeared.

    Some things happened and I stopped coming here so much, but I still direct people to the site for their BL/yaoi needs. I check in periodically to see the news and how things are going; how my friends stories are coming along.

    Over the years I've donated to the site and that's something I haven't ever done anywhere else, Aarinfantasy was just that important to me. I have so many memories and achievements wrapped up in this site that I don't ever want to see it offline, which is also why I would like to be chosen to win the hard cover AarinSecret magazine. It would be a physical reminder of those memories and it would help to keep me focused on my main goal; to write the best M/M stories I possibly can and have them published.

    I do hope I am one of the ones picked, but if not good luck to the other entrants and congrats to the winners.

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because I'll probably never be able to get it any other way and I would really like to support this magazine and see all of its goodies inside ^///^

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because...

    is like a compilation of good reads, memories and the nice persons I've meet in this forum.
    I know that I could simply go and print the digital version I already have in my HD but that's nowhere as great as owning the real thing. Ok, I could also donate enough to receive it but, but, but I'm beyond broke at this moment orz.

    Thx koukou710 for the opportunity <(_ _ *)>

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because...

    I always enjoy reading and the actual hard copy in your hands.. I also wish to have something that will always remind me of this place and the wonderful people you get/and have meet all around the world.

    Thank you koukou710 for giving us this lovely contest to be able to get this prize to cherish...

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because....is simply something that has very important postion in "things i'd like to have".

    Yeah...it's like the manga i buy even thus i read it over and over a thousand times before on the internet and a copy on the computer is just not enough. The pure plreasure and joy of feeling it's weight in my hands is enough to make my heart beat faster and fill it with happiness. Could say i'm a classy reader T.T the one that loves feeling the book.s rader than reading it on the computer. Staying in my favorite spot with a cup of hot tea in one hand, with my glasses on and delighting in it's pages, what more could i ask for?!

    P.S. arigatou koukou710 for this and for making us happy with such a prize!

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    I want the AarinSecret magazine in hard copy because I don't have many stuff related to yaoi and even though I want to have it's not that simple. Do you remember Souichi from Koisuru Boukun? If you think he's a homopohbic you don't know my dad. But.. I want to have this, so I think I hide the AarinSecret magazine from him and make my very own and very dear secret


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