Member of the Month awards active members who are helpful or contribute in some tangible way, to the positive development and well-being of our community.


  • Minimum post count: 100
  • Must have been a member of this site for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Must not have already received a Member of the Month award in the past 12 Months.

  • Must not Have any Infractions/Warnings Within Last 90 days. This will be determined by staff at the time Final eligibility during Winner selection - just something to bear in mind.

  • Must not be a member of Aarinfantasy's STAFF (mod or admin) - this is for showing our thanks and recognition to awesome members too!


Username: (Link to profile)
Reason for Nomination: (Must give reasons)
Link or Quote and Example of such action: (Optional but it's best if you can provide this info)

*Note: Your nomination will not be known to the public. Only AarinFantasy's STAFF will know about the contents. You are advised to not to inform the person you nominated for that you are nominating him/her, to avoid disappointment.


  • Limit of 1 Nomination Per Candidate: Even if you want to nominate more than one person for a particular month's award, only send 1 nomination per PM. This is to reduce clutter & avoid confusion.

  • Limit of 3 Nominations per User: Any given member can only nominate a maximum of three people for Member of the Month award each month.

  • Limit of 1 Nomination-Post Per Candidate: Member of the Month is selected from your nominations by Aarinfantasy's Staff. There is no Voting Process.

  • You MAY NOT Nominate Yourself.

  • Send your Nomination to this username through Private Message (PM): AF Forum Contest.
    Important: You must write in the PM subject as "Nomination for MOM"


Open to Entries Now.
Closed to Entries & Nominations June 21, 2010.
Winner Announced July 1, 2010