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    AOTM (Art of the Month) Jan 2010

    AOTM (Art of the Month) Jan 2010

    Showcases a piece or original or fan-art by one of our gifted artists from within the Aarinfantasy community.


    Story/Chapter must have been posted in current month.
    (January 1st - January 25th 2009)


    • Only artwork posted on aarinfantasy is eligible.

    • Limit of 3 Nominations per User: Any given member can only nominate a maximum of three art-works monthly.

    • Limit of 1 Nomination-Post Per Artwork: Do not make a second post if the person you want to nominate for the award has already been nominated by someone else in the current month's thread.

    Simply vote for that entry as instructed below:

    Click the button to the right of "Vote for this Member" at the bottom-right of the specific nomination post.


    Note: There must be at least 1 nomination in a thread for the Voting feature to be activated.

    • You MAY Nominate Your own Artwork.

    • Link to contest/voting thread in your signature - is allowed.

    • No Spamming - via PM, VM or Threads to beg for Votes.

    New Contest Schedule

    Open to Entries Now.
    Closed to Entries & Nominations January 25, 2009.
    Voting Begins January 25, 2009.
    Winner Announced February 5, 2009
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