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    Thumbs up Win SuBLime Digital Manga - AarinFantasy's Monthly Contest

    AarinFantasy's Monthly Contest (SuBLime Digital Manga)

    I will be hosting contests or giveaways each month from now till end of December 2021. Stand a chance to win a digital manga of your choice by SuBLime Manga! So please make sure you create an account in SuBLime Manga's website first. (I'm so happy that SuBLime has recently announced and put up the Gifting option in their site, so I am able to purchase it and send it directly to the winner's SuBLime account).

    Contests/giveaways may vary each month... sometimes it will just be simple tasks where winners will be picked randomly and sometimes will be some guessing games where winners may be picked based on results. Will be posting the AUGUST 2021 CONTEST soon, so please check back the Official Forum Contests section again. I will also post this on my social media as well.


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