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    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I have been a member in this forum since July 2005. I came across this forum while I was researching different genres of manga and fell in love with Yaoi. I quickly became interested in not only the Yaoi anime /manga, but the community here at the forum. I have made many friends over the years. Although I'm not as active as I used to be, I still visit regularly.

    I, of course, follow AarinFantasy on all 3 social media at FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram! Either as Cherish, Crypticorchid, or Cryptic_cosplay. I also contribute money to the forum monthly, so everyone can continue to enjoy the community I so love.

    If I won I would like to choose Prize D.

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    Thank you for the giveaways. Good luck to everyone ^_^

    I've been a member of this forum since 2008 (was still in school at the time xD).
    I was introduced to the forum by a dear friend of mine Chikaru. I heard about the forum before but didn't know much until she tell me all about AarinFantasy. Thank you!
    I'm following AarinFantasy on Twitter (since that the only social platform I use)

    If I'm selected as a winner would love to have Prize D~ so cute

    Thank you once again for this giveaways and Happy 15th Anniversary AarinFantasy Forum~!

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    Oh, I love reading how people came to AF! I learned about BL from a Miyano Mamoru fan I met on myanimelist's Miyano Mamoru fanclub, who mentioned "BL" in passing and I asked her what that stood for... and... the rest is history. She told me about AF, although she was a lurker herself... and I was a lurker as well (for just a few months) until I got curious about those little 50x60 rectangles under people's usernames when they post... yes, that's right. Cards. And to get cards, you need points! And to get points (back then at least), you needed to post... enter in contests... etc... so... there goes the rest of my life. And now, years later, here I am. ^^ I LOVE AF!!!

    I love AF first and foremost because of the community!!! The people here put it above all the other yaoi forums out there. I've made some wonderful friends here. <3 <3 <3 But I also love onion heads cuz they're adorable. That's the second reason. Hehehe.

    I follow AF on Twitter and Instgram, I believe...? I'm actually not sure about Twitter cuz I don't use it much, and Facebook I use even less, soooooo...

    Anyhoo~ in conclusion, I would just like to say that I feel really blessed to have found this community. Happy anniversary, AF!!!

    (No prize option for me, thank you! Hope to see all the prizes go to loving, happy homes!)

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    Happy anniversary, and thankyou for the giveaway!

    I joined in 2011, and I don't remember how I found the forum, possibly from one of my friends on LiveJournal.

    I follow on Facebook and Twitter, I don't have an Instagram account.

    I would like prize C please ^_^

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    ...oh man, you know, it seems like only yesterday that I joined this forum. I can't believe it has been exactly 10 years at this point. For a long while between 2012 and 2015 I was thinking of leaving too because so many of my friends at the time left, but heck, I'm glad I persisted and stayed.
    How I found AarinFantasy? Tbh, I don't entirely remember at this point, but I think back in 2009 I wanted a place to talk about BL freely because on most other forums people rolled eyes at you for being into it. So yeah, I think I just googled "yaoi forum" or something and bam, AF was first on the list.XD

    Thank you for so many years!! I may not be the most active user here, but I'm here.XD

    As for the prize, I would like to scout Prize A for @bronakopdin. I think she would love it.

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    Wow!!! Happy 15th anniversary

    I found this forum back in 2005, i'm quite shy and don't interact much, so that's why i'm still on amateur mode. But i always hit thanks & gave reputations.
    I found this forum accidentally when browsing for more info about yaoi and BL but mostly on manga. I'm quite surprised when i noticed that the admin is from Malaysia
    I'm following aarin on all platforms but due to my circle of friends that feel it's taboo to talk about BL's stuff, i seldom hit the like button on FB.
    I don't mind about the prize, just hope that i'm lucky enough to get my hand on one of the prize..
    Last but not least, thanks for still being here with us and please continue. Hope that we can meet again during comic fiesta event
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    @ExtinctionOfReality; LOL I do indeed love the series but I am not so much a "merchandise" person in general x'D I prefer things I can actually use in everyday life rather than keychains etc. but I really appreciate the thought!!

    BUT if you happen to win this, I'll gladly accept and hold it in honor

    as for me: I totally had my own 10 year forum account anniversary this year x'D

    as to how I found the forum, well:
    First of all I didn't have access to the internet at all until I was 19 yo. and started university. For that reason I finally got a laptop and obv. an internet connection. That was November 2008. Before that I fangirled on my own with just official physical German translated manga from the store xD
    When I got internet access though and started to google this and that I suddenly learned about "Scanlations" and "fansubs" and also found a few streaming sites (that I stopped using fast when I learned they just stole other fansubber's work)
    Either way in one or two of the things I watched I saw the watermark Aarin adds to her fansubs that also names the forum's URL so I found the forum that way, sometime in December 2008 I think!
    I was shy in the beginning and only lurked but finally decided to make an account Feb 2nd 2009 and now more then 10 years later here we are

    I actually do follow the Social media account of Twitter (definitely) and maybe Instagram (not sure tbh x'D) but honestly I don't really use Social Media at all... getting to know the internet "later" than other people in my age range I never got into it as a "teen" and it just didn't appeal to me later on either I made accounts but.... they grow mold I fear x'D
    I dig them out here and there if I need them for sth but don't regularly check them.

    Most news I actually receive on the forum directly

    As for a prize: I'd like to take Prize D and gift it to @KadajChan; if I should win! Thank you so much

    I'll gladly accept though in case EoR wins!
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    Showing our age now! Been here since 2005??? Wow, it has been that long indeed.
    Am following your facebook and twitter accounts.

    I'd like prize C if this post randomly gets selected.

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    Wow 15 years! that is a long time! Happy anniversary~

    I joined back in 2006, I was looking for either a manga or anime (I don't really remember anymore) and I came across this forum. I'm following on Twitter & IG and I think FB as well but I'm not sure about that one lol

    Entering for prize D

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    Happy 15th anniversary! go go yeah!

    I have been around mostly lurking since 2012 Kingdom Hearts doujin, Junjou Romantica and Sukisyo drew me here.. surprise still a nerd for those 7 years later

    I'll try for prize D!


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