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Thread: Bloggin Feature

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    no, thank you -- and i am not saying this because i am not a blogger and do not see its merits (on the contrary, i've kept the same blog since 2001), but because i think that the new feature will not justify all that extra bandwidth, server space, and moderating effort it will require to maintain it.

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    The poll seems to be holding at around 50/50. Is that enough to implement it?
    Going by this I'd say about half the forum are going to get ticked off either way. The choice is which half. (You can ignore this... just musing)

    Some asked why the ones who voted no did vote no. And I also saw people wanting the ones who don't want it to just be quiet and go away so they don't spoil it for the ones who want it. The question isn't if you think it will benefit the forum or not, the question is whether or not you would like it.
    To quote Dai-kun: "Do you guys want this addon?"
    If you don't want the addon you vote no, if you want it you vote yes. Trying to make people feel guilty for voting either way isn't right. It's a personal preference question.

    The moderators and admins are the only ones who can make the decision of whether or not they have the time/ability/want to deal with any extra workload that might come of it. The admins are the only ones who can make the decision about extra bandwidth and server workload.
    Maybe this poll is a kind of "market analysis". First we see what the public wants and then we decide whether or not it's worth it?
    I wouldn't really know. I'm really just speculating publicly here.

    I just decided to make this post because wanted to say something about people trying to convince others that their personal preference is the wrong one.

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    I voted no because I think there are already a lot of places here to write and communicate.
    Furthermore I agree with the others about the use of bandwith and moderation efforts to maintain it.

    BTW I see that the results are really close and it could be difficult to take a final decision on this issue. There are too few voters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YorumiAkihime View Post
    @CrisNoWait: It seems like you really want the blogs And I see you have a lots of arguments why they should be made. But the way you call for them really gives me a bad or rather sad feeling, without offense...

    I understand, I see that I am guilty of those things, less reading, more VM, PM, social grouping. I understand the need to keep things familiar as things around you change.

    I believe everyone opinion is important, and I do respect your decision, sorry if I offended you (anyone else in my disagreement ) I really do not want to upset, sadden or insult anyone. I am just utilizing another wonderful feature, the ability to *interact* with fellow members on a more intimate basis.

    It's nice right, not merely reading and commenting on various issues, "off profile." This "is" a community, we share, grow together. I am not particularly active in my RL community, but when there are fund raisers or merchant markets, I do go purchase and support the effort. I attend PTA meeting, board meetings to see what new interesting things are coming to my community.

    Aarinfantasy is not that different, the forum will grow, with or without us. Change happens, just as it does to us personally, here in this cyber setting practices that were once useful will be discarded, and new processes will be implemented. I believe Dai open the question to the forum for good reason, "consideration" for those who would like the option and those who would not. Appreciation of everyone's opinion, respect for everyone's choice.

    I thank everyone who commented, shared some of their insight, thoughts. Agree, disagree everyones thoughts are valid. Dai-Kun did not ask our permission to make many of the upgrades currently in place. This option is an added benefit that being the case "asked" forum members to vote. Thank you for your consideration Dai.

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    It's a no from me...
    I don't see what we need it for, blogs you can get other places...

    So why make even more work for the mods, use more bandwith and so on, when it isn't necessary at all?

    And for the record, i have a blog, and like blogging very much, but i don't see the need for a blog on aarin when i easily can make one(or hundreds if i want) other places and just link to them..

    I also think that to much stuff and "fancy" options on a forum(or site in general) only makes it seem "stuffed" and messy..


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