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Thread: Discord?

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    I'm not for it either, and I'm a huge Discord user.

    I would prefer to see activity here on the forums.

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    I think there needs to be a good balance. A discord or other modern social media presence would be good to bring in new people.

    I've noticed a growing trend of people who are tired of the modern social media way of hyperspeed communication, and want to have a community for slower discussion. And many of them don't know that there are forums still struggling to stay alive that would do better if they joined them, because sites like tumblr and twitter have trained them not to go out and search, but they instead expect these things to show up for them on their timelines for easier use. (I used to be like this. and I think it would benefit a lot of new fujos to see the history of their community and to have a nicer environment to talk about yaoi in!) segueing from discord is a nicer way to ease them into forum use, I think.

    Maybe the best option would to be teaming up with an already established yaoi discord and advertise there, to save aarin and any other moderator the trouble of having to set up a whole new thing.


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