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    Exclamation What to Post vs What NOT to Post Here

    Lately, people have been creating a lot of off-topic threads in this section. The Site Feebacks section is not a dumping ground for anime requests, technical support or anything else you can't be bothered to navigate the forum to find.

    To reiterate Daikun's original post (which got a bit buried in addendums to the original thread, etc) outlining the purpose of this section...

    • This forum is ONLY for comments and feedbacks relating to the board.
    • It is not a place to ask questions on where to find or download things.
    • If you are posting any comments, please don't just say "I love it here" or "I don't like this place." Give us a sensible reason of why you think that way.
    Examples of Things to Post Here:

    • Request for Aarinfantasy to sub a certain work.
    • Questions about or requests for Clarification of Site Rules/Policy.
    • Questions about how to use certain features of the forum except iShop & Points System related.
    • Comments on what you think of new Features/Applications that have been added to the board.

    Examples of Things NOT to Post Here:

    • Download/Upload Requests. For anything Download/Upload related, go to either the relevant subforum in Download Central (Yaoi/BL) or the General Download Central (NON YAOI/BL) area.
    • Technical Support, whether for Video, Internet or issues with your personal computer, please post in the General Tech Savvy Center. To request technical help with Games, go to Game Tech Center.
    • Proposing group activities/events for aarin members OR requesting collaboration in the Fiction section. Anything fiction related should be posted or can be found in the Fictions Section.
    • Requests for Additions to the Card Shop can only be posted in the Official Card Suggestion for iShop Threads placed in here. If the threads are Closed, that means Aarin is not currently taking requests. If one of them is Open, simply post your request in a reply to that thread and wait for her response.
    • Other questions about iShop and iShop cards and anything related to the Points System (Bank) are to be placed in the Points Central.
    • Reports of bugs, forum features not working properly go in Forum Functions & suggestions of features to add to the forum go in Suggestions.

    New members...

    who want to say "hello" or that they can't find their way around the site should go back to the Introductions area and read:

    Also read the articles in the Forum Knowledge Base for general info about the forum, specifically Map of the Forum (If you came here to download...) if you're interested on download things.

    If still having trouble using the site, please contact a member of Staff.
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    Dear forumers, remember that this forum is NOT here to solve any issue with forum functions, bugs, etc. If you're having troubles with the board you should use the HELP section at the top of the site.

    To report bugs, forum functions not working properly → Forum Functions
    To make suggestions to implement to the forum → Suggestions

    Off-topic threads on this section will be moved/deleted without prior warning.




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