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    Fudanshi (male fan) help required

    We know that there are not as many "Fudanshi" male yaoi fans compared to "Fujoshi" female yaoi fans. So sometimes we would like to know or hear more about Fudanshi from everywhere. If you're a Fudanshi... I would like to feature some of your stories in the next magazine (no photo of yourself is required and it is optional), just your username here or an alias name will do.

    How to participate:
    Please fill in the following details...
    Forum Username or any alias name:
    Social Media: (Link to your main social media if any like Twitter, Instagram or FaceBook)

    You can choose to show or not to show your photo in the magazine. If yes:
    - Best to send a high resolution picture.
    - You can choose to cover a bit of your face if you want to.
    - Photo must be within 1-2 years from now or a recent one.
    - Photo can be face close up, half body picture or full body picture.
    - Please include the link of your picture so I can download or save it.

    What to write:
    - Preferably not more than 500 words.
    - Please tell us about certain things or life about being a fudanshi or male yaoi fan.
    - You can write anything from happy, sad, upset or fun stories, just be yourself.
    - Some tips on what can be included or in case you ran out of idea:
    (You do not have to answer all of them or in this manner, it's just a guide)

    1) Did you have any difficulties buying yaoi manga or stuff?
    2) Were you comfortable or very aware of the surroundings when purchasing yaoi in public?
    3) Does anyone know about your yaoi hobby? Did you tell anyone about it?
    4) How do you keep your yaoi stash? Do you display or hide it?
    5) Have you met other fudanshi? If yes, how did you guys met?
    6) Do you imagine yourself as part of the yaoi story you read, watch or play?
    7) Would you prefer to be seme, uke or seke?
    8) Any interesting or fun stories that you would like to share as a fudanshi?
    9) Do people think you are a fujoshi (female fan) online?
    10) Are you a casual or hardcore reader/viewer/gamer of yaoi genre stuff?
    11) Are there any difficulties or challenges you faced as a fudanshi?
    12) Are you a yaoi artist or writer yourself? If yes, is there any advice you want to give to others?

    Send your submission to me via email with the subject: Fudanshi Stories
    My email is:

    Each participant will get:
    - 1 million points (if you are a forum member)

    How selection is done:
    - My focus will be on diversity which means I will try to select from different parts of the world, or something very different written in submissions, but please stay true to yourself or your answers.
    - If I am on the fence on certain submissions, I'll probably just pick the one who submitted to me first.
    - I'm not sure how many people I am able to feature, but it can be 2, 4 or 6 people... depending on the magazine space.

    INCENTIVE: Not sure if this will motivate anyone, but for this magazine edition... I will be sending copies to Libre Publishing and Ayano Yamane (yes, that means THEY will read what YOU submitted if selected!)

    Due date: 7th October 2016

    Thank you!~
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