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    AarinSecret Issue #5 (Winter 2015)

    AarinSecret Issue #5 (Winter 2015)

    Download link:
    AarinSecret 2015 (PDF)
    or visit

    If you wish to make a donation for this (any amount), you can also visit AarinSecret.com site and click on the DONATE button there. Thank you!

    This issue features:

    Featuring cover (Touken Ranbu fanart) artist, Minoru JoeLing. We are honored to be able to interview Nekota Yonezou in person and visit Libre Publishing office in Japan with exclusive invitation. There are also exclusive interviews with cosplayers: Baozi & Hana, DDTenka, Pinky Luxun, Sakuya, Stayxxxx, about their take on BL. If you miss out the panel talk of PenguinFrontier in an event last year, you can find the full transcript of the talk in this edition.
    A short BL Guide for beginners is available inside, as well as fan's talk and info about Takarai Rihito (of Ten Count fame), Shimazaki Nobunaga (seiyuu of Haru from Free!), manga reviews and even fan's spotlight.
    Some event coverage reports and more exclusive photographs by our very own media photographer!
    We wrapped it up with our adventure on "A BL Day trip in Japan", with Aarin and her team.

    Previously in December 2015, we've released and sold the printed copies at an event called Comic Fiesta 2015. After that, the printed copies were open for sale worldwide (USD20 including packaging, handling and shipping) and all physical copies come with a Love Stage postcard by SuBLime manga. If you're still interested to buy the physical copy, do PM aarinfantasy to check if it's still available, as there are limited copies left. No more reprints. And if you're still wondering about the digital version or new to AarinSecret, it's free for download.


    All links to download this mag from AF's external social media: Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook are not linked to this thread, it's linked directly to AarinSecret.com instead.
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