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    AarinSecret Issue #3 (Spring 2013)

    AarinSecret Issue #3 (Spring 2013)

    Download link:
    AarinSecret 2013 PDF
    AarinSecret 2013 JPEG (zipped)

    This issue features:
    Interview with Feimo
    YaYCon 2013 event report
    Malaysia's BL Con - Sawachi Nijikai 2012
    Totally Captivated manga review
    Togainu no Chi game review
    Yaoi anime reviews
    Vassalord anime review
    and lots more...

    Please leave your feedback in this subforum: Feedback thread.

    Note: This issue marks the first time of a printed version besides the usual digital version. There is only 50 limited copies of the printed version and all of them contain personal autograph by Ai Yusura from Otome's Way.
    Click here to know how to get these limited printed copies.
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