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    Perma-sale! Everything at Tokyogetter.com is now 30% off.

    Enjoying your recession / fear for the future?

    I certainly am, except for the fact that my savings are going to hell because I live where rent is sky-high and the job market is filled with people that have a good 10 years of experience on my 3-4 months... but hey, why not throw a sale in the interim?

    Tokyogetter.com is offering 30% off everything that we have listed on our website. The coupon code is recession, all-lower case, and you enter it upon check-out. We still have tons of books up and about, OK? So go hog wild!

    Sorry to be so brief here, but I'm fighting off a cold that seems to have gone ahead and moved furniture into my lungs. ARGH.

    Coupon code: recession
    Where: Tokyogetter.com
    What: 30% off everything
    Why: 'Cuz I love you.

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    Are the doujin's translated into English? How is their quality?



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