Aarinfantasy Marketplace Rules

*Extension of the
Main Forum Rules*


Aarinfantasy.com will not retain any liability or involvement in seller buyer contracts, sales or disputes. We accept no liability for the content, integrity or disputes that may arise from the sale/use of these sites or their products.

• Sale of Fan-subbed or Scanlated Material is forbidden.
• Sale of Illegal Media/Material is Forbidden i.e. banned items and items intended to cause physical harm to others.
• Sellers are responsible for settling their own customer related problems.
• Sellers can only link to the product type/category they have been approved to list.
• Translators are welcome to offer their services on this section as long as they comply with above rules. Translators will be considered Sellers.
• If interested to charge for translations, open a thread on this section, specify the type of translation you want to provide, samples of your work, rates, payment methods and other details that will ensure a satisfactory purchase for your customer. If you're interested to offer translations in exchange of forum points, please go to One Stop Shop forum and open a thread there.

• Be advised that buyers are responsible for the safety of their own personal information.
• NOTE: There is risk attached to all internet purchases. Be aware. Be prudent. Be responsible for your own choices.