actually I'm not sure where to post this question since it's not really forum related. I don't know if anyone else ever suggested it either.

For those who aren't aware of International Saimoe League (ISML)
International Saimoe League
it's a popularity contest for female characters (particularly the "moe" ones). It's inspired by Japanese's SaiMoe League, but since it's International, people from all over the world are voting for their favourite female characters.

So it makes me wonder, why isn't there such league for male characters? I'm not sure if Japan is doing the same thing. I mean, fanboys got their thing... what about fangirls? THE BOYS NEED THEIR LOVE TOO!! <3

I don't know where else to propose the idea except for this place cos of the abudance of female otakus here. hehe.
Okay this is just a suggestion, I'd be happy if aarinfantasy would like to try this out ^^