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    Guide to Gallery and Profile Albums Issues


    I can't upload a pic, why?
    - Size limit for each pic is 1000 Kb, check it.

    - Check to have a supported file format. Only jpg,jpeg,gif,png are allowed.

    - Running out of space: A message will tell you this during the upload process.
    As of 10/2010 space for uploading pics has been limited as follows: regular members 180 Mb, Contributors 250 Mb (REFERENCE). Once you fill that space you won't be able to upload pics anymore. What you can do is to delete old photos and keep an organization.
    I've uploaded my photos but I can't see them, why?
    - Once you've uploaded succesfully your image it goes pending approval. A staff member (Admin or Mod) have to manually approve each of them and this may take a while. Just have patience and you'll see your pic (REFERENCE).

    - Duplicates pictures are removed, so if you've posted a duplicate a mod could have deleted it.

    - Photos uploaded in your personal member albums (not in categories like Naruto, Death Note,...) can be approved by and admin only. This may tike a little further time.

    - If you are sure that none of the above is your case just contact a moderator (Blu chocobo is very active in the gallery) or request for help in this section.
    Some of my old photos are vanished, what happened?
    As of 09/2010 (REFERENCE Point 8) it's running a clean up of the gallery: low quality pics, duplicates, old and low view ones are being deleted (REFERENCE).
    ALBUMS (in profile, not gallery)

    - Don't use special characters (& ... @ etc) for naming your albums or you won't be able to access/edit/delete them.

    - You can't have more than 40 pictures in your album and maximum size for each file is 97.7 Kb (GENERAL RULES).
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    Please post your queries/issues in this thread if and only if your queries/issues on gallery and profile ablums issues have not been answered in the first post.

    Please do not "Mark best answer" for this thread as it is intended to be an on-going thread.
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    I came across this just today for someone's disk space:

    Disk space allowed on your account: 180,000kb (184,320,000 bytes)
    Disk space used on your account: 98,474,294kb (98474294 bytes)
    Disk space remaining for your account: 83,834kb (85845706 bytes)

    There could be a small confusion (not that it will affect your space) on the comma on some numbers, for example the above:
    Disk space used on your account: 98,474,294kb (98474294 bytes)
    where 98,474,294kb is not correct but it should be 98,474.294kb or to be precise mathematically 96166.302kb.
    So just follow the bar or the "Disk space remaining for your account" or the bytes in brackets.

    It can be a coding issue or bug by the original maker.

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    I hope it's the right place. I asked several times in various threads but didn't get any help.
    When I try to see pictures from the last 7 or 14 days I can only see 100 of them. It means that sometimes I can't even see all pictures form given day. There's no display option.
    The only solution that I found is to browse every single gallery... it's troublesome.
    Please help.

    EDIT 04/22/2011
    I still have this problem. Please help.
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    I look around and found various threads with the subject but none of them (still open) can answer to this, so please don't mind me if it was once asked already.

    I'd like to know how I can DELETE in the File Attachments Manager window pop up. Since I have a maximum of 10 Mo, I really need to be careful with my upload and some of them were simply tests and I'd like to take them out to clear some space.

    Thank you for helping me on this matter. ^-^

    [edit post]

    I found the answer while taking a closer look into my profile.

    For anyone looking for the answer as well.

    Here's the how to.

    1 - Go to your Profile

    2 - Click on the Settings tab

    3 - On the left sidebar under My setting, you can see Miscellaneous and Attachments right under it.

    4 - Just select the file then click on the

    Tada !
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