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Thread: Cards Issues

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    Cards Issues

    To minimize the creating of too many threads with the same topic, I have gathered all threads for this topic.

    Please go through the threads below to check if your queries/issues on cards issues have been answered.

    What are cards?

    iShop directory, guidelines and rules

    iShop Index

    The Official Card Suggestion for iShop Thread

    Submitting Cards to iShop!

    New Cards and Restock Updates

    Card Display Thread! (Show off your cards, thanks & wishes)

    Free cards giveaways from members

    Arranging Inventory cards

    Arranging Inventory cards after 100 cards

    I can't buy a card

    Refunding of double cards purchased

    Please post your queries/issues in this thread if and only if your queries/issues on cards issues have not been answered.

    Please do not "Mark best answer" for this thread as it is intended to be an on-going thread.

    If members find some useful threads relating to cards issues, please VM/PM me.
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