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    Post Count issues

    To minimize the creating of too many threads with the same topic, I have gathered all threads for this topic.

    Please go through the threads below to check if your queries/issues on post counts have been answered.

    Missing Posts / Dropping Post Count / Not Counting Posts

    Posts counts bug

    Forum titles (title under members' username) associated with post counts

    Post count stuck at 14...Help?

    What happened to my posts counts??

    Will deletion of posts delete the rep I received?

    Post counts are also affected when the Admins/Mod are moving thread from a section where posts count to another section where posts do not count.

    Please post your queries/issues in this thread if and only if your queries/issues on post counts have not been answered.

    Please do not "Mark best answer" for this thread as it is intended to be an on-going thread.

    Section of forum where posts do not count are as follows :-
    - Community Cafe
    - Auction threads
    - Request threads
    - Contest threads
    - Contest graveyard threads
    - Voting Booth threads
    - Yaoi/BL Related Polls threads

    If I missed out any section, please VM/PM me.
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