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    Happy to see this site is still going!!! Honestly back in the days when it was much harder to get my hands on any bl/yaoi related stuff, i always came here. My life has been changed since, i don't have that much free time to be active and build more friendships, but its good that when i have time to log in here, I can still see old faces, read about good news and other type of posts, watch videos, and see new faces aswell

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    Just set up my paypal and subscribed it to a monthly contribution. i really wanna thank this forum for providing us BL goodness, especially the ones form years ago. Also, thank you to all who have shared and contribute works for free. I'm really thankful as I am in a place where it's hard to attain any BL merchandise and even if I can, I don't know how to speak english (I'm still learning thru podcasts teaching it).

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    Thank you for your donation once again!

    Hey everyone~ We manage to get donations up till September. Thank you once again! The current goal will be open for October 2020 and as usual, any extra amount will just be carried forward to the next goal.


    Continue from previous list:
    Total from Monthly Donors: $576 (as of 2nd Aug 2020)

    Total from One Time Donor: $180 (as of 2nd Aug 2020)

    Latest from donation: $756
    Sept goal needed: -$540
    October goal: -$660
    $756 - $540 - $660 = -$444 (still need $444 for October's goal of $660)

    Everything added up till this date (2nd Aug 2020), we will still need this amount for the current goal which is for October 2020: $444

    For reference, the goals are as follow:
    March 2019 = $800 (achieved)
    April-Dec 2019 = $660 monthly (achieved)
    January 2020 = $660 (achieved)
    February 2020 = $660 (achieved)
    March 2020 = $660 (achieved)
    April 2020 = $660 (achieved)
    May 2020 = $660 (achieved)
    June = $660 (achieved)
    July = $660 (achieved)
    August 2020 = $660 (achieved)
    September 2020 = $660 (achieved)
    October 2020 = still need $444

    - Donations from 2nd August 2020 onwards will only be reflected next month.
    - Forum points will be given out when I can for this month's donations~ For everyone who donated for the the previous goal, you will get x10 the amount as a bonus! (For example, if you donated $10, you will get 10m points instead of 1m points). Thank you! (Remember, this is not to entice you to donate but just a small gesture to thank you)

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