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    Flurry of Dancing Flames

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    following Victuri and Otayuri to all their performances to watch their cute moments together ♥

    Midoriya Izuku (L3)Bakugou (L3)Todoroki Shouto (L3)
    Otabek Altin (L8)Yuri Plisetsky (L9)Otabek Altin (L9)
    Asami (L12)Akihito (L11)Axel (L10)

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    This is to everyone that the staff is well aware that the activity points system hasn't been working since Apr.20th. There is already a report thread --> here. Please keep an eye on that or in the announcements on updates. But please DO NOT report/post that you are not getting the points since we know. Please be patient.

    Because of the system not working, the staff have been running contests/polls to help with the points. So please check out this area --> here

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