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    • Server Backup Time Reduced!

      The time it takes for the server to finish its backup has been dramatically reduced. Before it can take anywhere between 2 - 4 hours. Now it only takes about 10 - 30 minutes. This means less errors and more time for you on the forum! No more "ugh forum backup, let me do something else!" This mostly affects our international members as they browse the forum during these times.
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      1. stormwolf2010's Avatar
        stormwolf2010 -
        Yay, thankyou! The backup effects me pretty much everyday because of the time difference, so this is awesome news
      1. bronakopdin's Avatar
        bronakopdin -
        really now it's a big help! Sometimes it really was bad timing
      1. tightgrip's Avatar
        tightgrip -
        Cool, thanks a lot.
      1. laketica's Avatar
        laketica -
        *raises hand* I must be an international member! XD It's usually like 11:20pm for me... prime time for forum'ing! YAY SO HAPPY! Thank you =)
      1. bronakopdin's Avatar
        bronakopdin -
        for me it was always between about 8 and 10 AM
      1. lemur7's Avatar
        lemur7 -
        that is good to hear...most times I am browsing the forums during the 'daily back-up' time ....time zone....says it all ..haha!

        thanks again for all your hard work....